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February 19, 2020

Brid.TV Launches Video Carousel

Brid.TV Announces Its New Product, Enabling Monetization Without Video Content

Los Angeles, California, February 19, 2020: Brid.TV, a technology company and an enterprise-level video platform, announced today the launch of the Video Carousel, a content management solution alternative that enables companies and publishers to monetize their websites even without video content.

Digital media companies, newspapers, and game developers use Brid.TV’s technology to host, manage, monetize, and live-stream videos on their websites. With the newest release, Brid.TV has expanded its reach to cover businesses without videos, acknowledging the importance of this marketing medium for every brand today. The Brid.TV Video Carousel offers a simple way for those companies to monetize content on their websites. With different links, the Carousel creates custom-made videos that are easily embedded using the Brid.TV Video Player.
“We’ve seen that 81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool. However, we wanted to lend a helping hand to those websites that don’t have any video content. So, we have developed a solution to make it easier for those sites to effectively and easily monetize even without videos,” said Igor Damic, Senior Publisher Relations Manager at Brid.TV.

The Video Carousel makes it possible for publishers to start monetizing in just a few steps. Once a URL or an RSS feed have been added, the Carousel unit grabs important elements from them, including the title of an article and featured image, and subsequently creates videos that enable businesses to monetize.
For more information on the Video Carousel and how to get started, contact Brid.TV here.

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