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September 16, 2020

Brid.TV Introduces Support for Audio Files and VAST Audio Ads

Brid.TV Platform Now Accepts Audio Files.

Los Angeles, California, September 16, 2020: Brid.TV, a technology company and an enterprise-level video monetization solution, today announces that its player now supports audio files and is VAST audio compatible.

Many brands, web publishers, and content creators use Brid.TV technology to host, manage, stream, play, and monetize videos on their websites. They can now deliver audio content to their site visitors at high quality with minimal effort. Uploading podcasts, audiobooks, audio transcripts, and much more is possible at Brid.TV.

“There are currently over 800,000 active podcasts around the world. The popularity of audiobooks is also increasing each year. Consumers want to listen to engaging and entertaining content from their favorite brands,” said Fabien Ricard, Chief Executive Officer at Brid.TV. “We have decided to upgrade our platform so that it supports audio files and gives publishers more options.”

Brid.TV’s latest feature is perfect for a wide range of content creators who don’t limit their business to video content only. Publishers who will upload their audio files to Brid.TV’s platform will also be able to monetize their content. Brid.TV’s new support for audio content is VAST compatible, meaning that creators will be able to earn money from audio files.

For more information on the Audio File Support and how to get started, contact Brid.TV here.

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