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September 1, 2020

Brid.TV Introduces a New Business Subscription Plan

Brid.TV Announces Business Subscription Plan for More Features and Higher Limits.

Los Angeles, California, September 1, 2020: Brid.TV, a fast-growing tech company offering a powerful video platform and extensive monetization options, adds a new subscription package to cater to its clients’ needs.

Publishers, content creators, and game developers use Brid.TV to host, manage, and monetize their online video content. They gained access to the Brid.TV platform by choosing either Free, Essentials, or Premium plan. Now, Brid.TV has added another option that will certainly meet all creators’ requirements. The brand new Business subscription plan offers higher limits and more features that can help brands grow their business.

“Today, video marketing is crucial for businesses that want to build an online presence. As many as 78% of people watch this medium every week, and the number will probably grow in the upcoming years,” said Milan Djukic, VP of Business at Brid.TV. “We are proud to say that our Business subscription plan will satisfy brands that need more features and higher limits for their video marketing efforts.”

Brid.TV’s Business subscription plan consists of four tiers, with each one offering higher limits. The new plan is aimed at those brands that find that Essentials plan’s limits are too low for them. With more features and higher limits, companies can start conquering the video marketing world. For more information on Business subscription plan and how to get started, contact Brid.TV here.

About Brid.TV

Brid.TV is a powerful enterprise-level cross-device online video platform, which offers a wide range of ad solutions. Publishers can host, encode and monetize their videos any way they want, with free ad support from our platform.

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