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March 2, 2018

Brid.TV Debuts Video Player Bidding Solution for Publishers

Brid.TV’s Video Player Solution Reduces Latency and Improves Monetization

Los Angeles, California, March 2, 2018: Brid.TV, a fast-growing technology company and enterprise-level video monetization solution, developed the most effective and user-friendly alternative to the current header bidding system for online video advertising, debuting the Video Player Bidding tech today.

Brid.TV’s Video Player Bidding provides companies with a one-click solution to reduce latency and improve monetization. With the newest release, publishers will have all the benefits of header bidding built directly into the video player. For some time, the header bidding’s potential has been limited because of difficult implementation and fragmented marketplace. But, the addition of the Video Player Bidding broadens the marketplace for Brid.TV clients looking to programmatically monetize their online video inventory.

“Video advertising is certainly one of the fastest growing online formats, producing millions in revenue across the world. However, it is also one that faces a lot of challenges and complexity. Our Video Player Bidding looks to solve these problems,” said Naum Petkoski, Publisher Relations Manager at Brid.TV. “By implementing the Video Player Bidding, our clients can enhance their monetization.”

Brid.TV recognized that extremely complicated implementations like prebid.js were too costly for businesses. After months of tweaking by Brid.TV’s team, publishers can now overcome this issue with the Video Player Bidding. This new technology is effective, fast, straightforward, and easy to use. Most importantly, it will help publishers increase their ad revenue. Brid.TV’s Video Player Bidding is also more streamlined than header bidding, allowing publishers to integrate it directly into the web player.

For more information on the Video Player Bidding and how to get started, contact Brid.TV here.

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