Pre-roll for FaceBook Wall Feature
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There has been a huge increase of video content consumption on Facebook. According to latest data, Facebook is now seeing 100 million hours of video watched daily.

“Video is an important part of the Facebook experience, and continuing to invest here is important for allowing people to share and consume some of the most engaging content,” stated Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg. stats show Super Bowl ads and teaser videos were being watched more on Facebook than on YouTube this year. According to views counted on Tuesday during the Super Bowl event, there have been spotted 75 million Super Bowl ad video views on Facebook.

We from BridTv are trying to keep in touch with the latest trends, allowing our publishers to fully enjoy all the benefits of consuming and sharing video content around the globe. One of the many benefits we provide to our publishers is the option to monetize our video content on social networks. Since we support In-wall Facebook video player display, whenever you share your player on Facebook, the Brid player will embed directly in your Facebook wall. If you chose to monetize your videos with a pre-roll, after clicking on the play button a, pre-roll will appear before your video starts playback.

See a demo of Brid’s #FacebookVideo Feature allowing Pre-roll on Facebook’s Wall. #SocialAdvertising Click To Tweet

After setting up a pre-roll ad, the Brid player will provide to you a special social share link which you can use to share your player on your Facebook Page wall. Here is a demo of Brid’s Facebook Video Feature allowing Pre-roll on Facebook’s Wall.

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