Pinterest Marketing Strategy: Start Pinning on This Platform
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Pinterest Marketing Strategy: Grow Your Business With Pins

pinterest marketing strategy

Around 3.8 billion people use social media around the world. Across different platforms, people are posting videos or images, liking, commenting, and tweeting. But they are also following business accounts which influences their purchasing decisions. So, your presence on these platforms is a must. And one of them is Pinterest. We’re here to tell you more about Pinterest marketing strategy you should develop.

While this social network was first the go-to website for finding new ideas for cooking and decorating, it has become much more than that. Indeed, Pinterest is today a visual search engine, featuring photos, links, and inspirations for anything you need. If your business relies on visuals, Pinterest is the platform for you.

In fact, 82% of users say they find new products on Pinterest. In addition to that, 58% of them report that this network helps them reach purchasing decisions. So, imagine what Pinterest can do for your business if you use it correctly. After all, internet users come to this platform looking for inspiration. If they stumble across your account and photos, it’s likely that they’ll end up on your website, trying to learn more about you.

Creating a Pinterest marketing strategy is the best way to get started with this network. And we’ll help you with that.

How to Use Pinterest for Your Business?

Pinterest users explore, share, and save visual content they find entertaining, inspiring, or helpful. They also add, or in Pinterest parlance “pin,” their desired content to boards that feature a common theme. In this way, they keep everything organized and help other users discover content that relates to their interests.

So, here’s how you can use Pinterest for your business.

Distribute Content

According to a Pinterest survey, 85% of users prefer visual content to text information. For this reason, Pinterest is a great place to distribute your content to the target audience. Unlike on some other platforms, here users can click-through live links.

As we said, you can share your content on boards. Once you do, followers can explore and find information relevant to them. You can create as many boards as you like, and organize them depending on themes, plans, or ideas. Also, you can invite people to join your board. In this case, others can contribute by adding visuals to a particular board. This is how you can increase engagement on your profile. But we’ll help you with your Pinterest marketing strategy shortly.

Build a Close-Knit Community

The internet provides space for like-minded people to connect and share ideas. In order to create this space, you should establish a Pinterest community. If you do, your followers will check out your boards, interact, consume your content, and access your website — driving traffic as a result.

More than 320 million people use Pinterest every month. You should keep this in mind when developing your Pinterest marketing strategy. So, build a community where you share valuable content with your followers, but also allow them a chance to interact and engage. This is how you’ll have loyal Pinners who may become customers as well.

Educate Followers

This social media platform is brimming with tutorials, how-tos, infographics, and other educational content. And this isn’t surprising to us. After all, Pinterest relies heavily on visual content which makes it the perfect spot to educate your customers. While building your business account, it’s important that you think about your target audience.

In the marketing world, you always want to ensure that you’re creating and posting content that appeals to your prospective and existing customers, and, in this case, Pinterest users.

Drive Traffic to Your Website

You can link your content to your website on Pinterest. That’s why you can share written content as well, e.g. your blog posts, aside from visuals. This will boost traffic to your website, and customers may find your products and decide to purchase them, all thanks to one post on Pinterest.

Now that we know how you can leverage Pinterest, let’s go over our recommendations for your Pinterest marketing strategy.

Pinterest Marketing Strategy

As we said, social media networks are important nowadays. People spend hours on these platforms, looking to be engaged and entertained. But they are also researching new brands that might have a solution to their problems. Pinterest is especially used for this. So, if you haven’t, create an account on this network and take our Pinterest marketing strategy into account.

Open a Business Account

Creating a business account on Pinterest is the right move if you want to reach your target audience. You’ll have access to analytics to keep track of your content on Pinterest. Not only that, but you’ll also receive some other useful marketing features. For instance, your profile will clearly state that you’re a business, and you’ll be able to use Pinterest tag and Pinterest widgets.

Choose the Right Categories

This is an important part of your Pinterest marketing strategy. Namely, your content will appear in more search results if you choose the right category for it. Users can type in a specific category or access the “Categories” section to view posts related to their topic of interest. If you follow this step, you may have a pinned content in no time.

Publish Unique Photos and Videos

As you know by now, Pinterest is one of the go-to networks for posting photos and videos. So, if you want your visuals to stand out, make sure they are unique. They can help you promote your business and products or services. But they won’t do that if you’re posting stock images or videos. With original content, you’ll increase your followers base and attract potential customers.

Use Keywords

Want to ensure you appear in users’ feeds and search results? Well, there’s one thing you can do — use keywords. Add them to your profile, boards, and posts as much as you can. On Pinterest, keywords are mainly related to specific niches that users search. For instance, if you sell notebooks, you might use keywords like “school” or “office supplies.” This way, your images will appear on feeds.

When developing your Pinterest marketing strategy, make a note that you should insert keywords into following locations:

  • Profile
  • Board titles and descriptions
  • Pin descriptions
  • Image alt text

Add Hashtags

Don’t forget about hashtags! They are another way for you to appear in search results and reach your target audience. If you do, your follower base will expand. Hashtags on Pinterest are the same as on other social media networks. Once users type in the “#” symbol and keyword, they might come across your business on Pinterest.

With hashtags, users can also identify boards related to a specific topic. For instance, if they click on a hashtag you added to a pin, a new page will appear which will include all content ever posted with that specific hashtag. So use hashtag to increase visibility!

Start Your Journey on Pinterest

Pinterest, like many other platforms, is a powerful marketing tool. It can help you increase brand awareness, establish a relationship with your audience, boost conversations, and generate more sales.

You can achieve these results by following our advice for Pinterest marketing strategy. So, create a business account and start posting unique content on this platform!