Pinterest Hops On Video Ads Bandwagon
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In the highly competitive world of social media, video advertising has become a damn-near certain road to profit and more companies are jumping at the chance to have their fair share of the cookie. The latest scoop is that the photo sharing web site Pinterest has started its own march down the road of video advertising, while, of course, facing strong rivaling social-media players.

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Pinterest officially confirmed that it’s going to start showing promoted videos, thus allowing marketers to share and offer their products in videos that can run as long as five minutes. According to the web and mobile application company, the beta version for this is going to become available starting on Wednesday.

It also appears that video ads on Pinterest won’t be presented in the same manner as on social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter, where ads feature begin automatically without sound as they appear for users within their news feeds. Pinterest, on the other hand, will be utilizing video ads that appear as previews in a user’s feed depending on how the page is scrolled, and will stop when the scrolling stops.

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