We already live in a world of social networks and thanks to them, and smartphones, video consumption has gone sky high. They have become an integral part of how people around the world discover, watch and share videos they care about every day. Most people would like to have the same experience on their websites as familiarity may enhance their user interaction. So, we listened to your feedback and today, we wanted to update you on some of the things we’ve been working on over the past year, along with some of the new features you may see in the coming months.

This new feature is designed to mimic the look, feel and functionality of videos in Facebook news feeds, allowing your users to have a familiar user experience for video as they do on the hugely popular social network.

Your player and video will autoplay on your site in the same fashion as Facebook video. Clicking on the muted content will bring up a lightbox, and, just as in Facebook, below the player a related playlist of videos will display depending on your player settings.

In addition, in-page videos on mobile uses Brid’s proprietary new tech, unique to the market, which will allow for autoplaying (in-page) of videos on mobile devices like iPhones, as well as displaying of VAST first-party and third-party ad tags as pre roll. Please do keep in mind that due to tech limitations, we only support VAST 1, 2 and 3 versions. This options does not support VPAID 2 tags with JavaScript creatives … yet, but plans are to have this feature released soon as well.
Click on the player below to launch the Facebook like experience!

Check it out with VAST ads! vast_mini

Depending on the ad creatives returned from your VAST tags, the pre roll will either display in-page on your mobile device, or it will display in fullscreen if there is no appropriate video rendition for in-page playback.

Make sure to look at it on mobile and desktop!