Outstream Unit Demo


The BRID.TV outstream unit is an innovative format which positions video advertising within the heart of editorial content. Viewable by design, the format launches when in view on the screen, pausing when less than 50% visible and merging seamlessly back into the page once the view has been completed. It has capabilities to run across all devices, browsers and operating systems without any limitations.


  • Places video ads within the heart of editorial content
  • Opens up new and vast levels of premium video inventory
  • Viewable by design Any screen, any device, anywhere
  • Only loads if ad exists therefore not disrupting user experience


The Brid.tv outstream unit implementation is extremely simple and easy. A simple embed code is provided to a publisher and all that is needed is to paste it to your webpage where you wish the unit to appear. The outstream unit will accept any compatible VAST ad tag to display your videos ads. As viewability is becoming key for many advertisiers and publishers in 2016, the Brid.tv outstream unit is specifically tailored to appear only when at least 50% of it’s real estate is visible on screen. Furthermore, if a user scrolls away from the unit, it will automatically pause playback of the ad content. When ad content finishes playback, the unit will gracefully disappear from the page.

The outstream unit also has some advanced options built in:

  • Start ad content muted
  • Play inpage on all mobile devices
  • Stay in view option
  • Option for unit to continue playback with custom video feeds on ad end (coming soon)
Initialize ads

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