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June 28, 2016
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Outstream Video Best Way For Publishers to Push for Ad Revenue

One of the biggest things that will most certainly drive the video market is the inclusion of outstream video ads. These particular ads work as self-contained units, as opposed to being a prelude to another video, which seems to be the common system nowadays. A variety of publishers, including Mashable and Rolling Stone, are already utilizing outstream ads via so-called “in-read” formats. What that denotes is if a someone is reading an article on, (for example) Slate, that person will be able to watch an auto-play video. Scroll down stops the video and as it leaves your field of vision. There’s also an option to unmute the video should you wish to listen.

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The cool new ad format is turning out to be very effective and popular simply because it reached a sort of middle ground by allowing publishers to monetize their sites, but without annoying readers – it can basically place skins outside of the page content itself. For that reason, it is most probably going to be huge in the world of online video advertising for the next few years.
So, this essentially is a very innovative format, like the BridTV outstream unit which positions video advertising within the heart of editorial content. The format launches once in view on the screen, pausing when less than 50% visible and merging seamlessly back into the page once the view has been completed. It successfully runs across all devices, browsers and operating systems without any limitations. There are also some advanced options that were built in…

Initialize ads

Mobile Ads And Stay Inview

One of the key benefits of outstream ads is that they play particularly well on mobile, and that’s a crucial selling point because as the latest data and research has shown that most people spend more time looking at videos on mobile devices (especially on smartphones), and less on desktop. Since there’s no room on a mobile screen for video ads to be played at the bottom or top of the page, it’s far more effective to use Facebook’s model and offer the video in the main feed.
In addition to that, there’s also the possibility of the stay inview, which gives publishers a way to maximize their premium ad inventory as the player always maintains viewability. The stay inview player renders as any other player on your webpage wherever you embed it. Once a user presses play on the player, content (ad) playback will start. If the user starts scrolling away from your video player be it up or down your webpage…