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August 24, 2018
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September 6, 2018

Optimize Your Video Position and Size

As the popularity of online video grows, publishers and various businesses (small or large) are getting a more precise knowledge about the behavior of viewers. As the need and support for HTML5 video increases, the video is becoming the chief way to grab audiences and keep them interested. For example, utilizing video as a background design feature has become rather trendy as of late.

On a general note, recent research has shown that video represents the very epicenter of the digital marketing world. With each passing year, we see the demand for video increasing rapidly, with 53% of people craving to view a greater amount of video content from marketers. Meanwhile, globally, 51.9% of marketing professionals are stating that video is the kind of content that delivers the best possible ROI.

51.9% of marketing professionals are stating that video is the kind of content that delivers the best possible ROI. Click To Tweet
In most cases having a well-optimized landing page to have the best audience reach is no doubt your best step. Selecting the call-to-action position on your landing page will have a huge impact on the page’s conversion rate. In fact, a recent study carried out by Eye View Digital shows that videos on a landing page increase conversions up to 86%. The reason for this is quite simply because video remains a powerful tool to convey the kind of messages advertisers wish to convey. Videos are an effective combo of various elements that capture grabs the viewer’s attention: faces, voices, body language and movement. In other words, publishers can utilize videos to effectively and informatively showcase the advantages of their products or services.

The Importance of Good Video SEO

Good video content and ad placement will generally have little to no effect if keyword research and video SEO, in general, are not taken into account. Keyword research basically means that you know what the audience is searching for, hence your content needs to be tailor-made for those particular findings. Otherwise, content engagement is going to be minimal. The first step would be to find a suitable and easy-to-use video platform to help you with that process.

Once you do, video SEO is no longer a problem, because a video platform allows you to keep track and analyze your publishers’ and clients’ activities. What matters is that making video content discoverable and indexable by Google or other search engines. To discover why video SEO is crucial and learn exactly how it can help you to greatly improve your digital marketing strategy.
Video size optimization matters. Don't go over 300px in sidebar. 600px is the most popular width for the content itself. Click To Tweet

Video Size Optimization Matters

Video SEO is only one side of the coin here. And when it comes to preparing video content for search engines, analyzing data is not the only thing that matters. Video size is something that needs to be taken into account. Having done just that we have found that most of our publishers tend to focus on the following:

  • Aspect ratio is 16:9
  • Video is 100% width on mobile
  • Outstream is mostly 50%, but occasionally it goes to 80% (depends on how much content is covered)
  • Desktop depends on the website itself
  • 300px for the sidebar
  • 600px width for the content itself
  • 450px or higher for outstream on desktop

Assembling relevant data from our BridTV online video platform (gathering info from information 50,000 pages), we have determined that publishers have a certain optimal position and size for video content. As such this may help you structure your own video strategy regarding video SEO, video size and so on. By analyzing data from embedded BridTV videos, we have arrived to the following conclusions:

  • The dimensions of video content have a great influence on play rates as well.
  • It is recommended for your player to be click-to-play.

Choosing the appropriate size for your embed has never been easier. You can commence embedding your content as soon as you can and get started with your video promotion straight away. And finally, be sure to let us know about the results in the comments section below.

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