Optimize Brid.TV Player for Mobile Ads With Android VPAID SDK
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July 30, 2019
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August 6, 2019

Optimize Your Video Player for Mobile Ads – Android SDK VPAID Supported

Our latest efforts to improve the BridTV Video Player has lead to a variety of truly amazing features. One of the biggest and vital additions to BridTV is the Android SDK (Google Certified), which has now been reengineered and vastly improved to cover various ad types. That’s right, all your in-house Android apps can be monetized easily, but with BridTV they your ads for mobile can be optimized and tweaked even further.

Android SDK VPAID Support

Web publishers who are utilizing their Android Apps to monetize will be glad to know that following our latest BridTV Platform Update, the Android SDK player now supports VPAID ads.

What Are VPAID Ads Anyway?

Okay, just so we understand the basics, VPAID stands for “Video Player-Ad Interface Definition.” This particular ad standard was developed by IAB specifically for interactions between ad units and the video player focused on rich interactive in-stream ads. Here’s why VPAID ads are extremely popular both with ad networks and web publishers:

  • VPAID ads enables interactivity and ad performance measuring, featuring things like engagement tracking.
  • Ad interactivity increases in general, with aspects such as overlays etc.
  • Ad companies are eager to learn how and if their ads are working and if audiences are responding – measuring ads is easier with VPAID.

In short, VPAID sees individual ads performing far better than other ad standards, boosting audience engagement and making ads generally more interactive. So, for instance, certain VPAID interaction allows the user to click on an ad to see additional info (perhaps a longer version of a pre-roll ad, etc.). VPAID ad types also give publishers the opportunity to choose the time and spot where the ad appears within the content. What’s more, basic functions are included, such as play, pause, close, and other. Interactivity and engagements are a fundamental component for online monetization systems that work through video ads.

Feature-Rich Mobile SDKs (Android and iOS)

Our team of developers and designers has worked away tirelessly to implement and optimize the latest BridTV Mobile SDKs (Android and iOS), which include the following:
BridTV Streaming

  • HTTP Live Streaming (HLS)
  • MP4 Progressive, VOD & Live Streaming
  • Multiple Captions Tracks (SRT, webVTT, TTML)
  • Live DVR
  • Variable Rate Playback

Video Ads

  • VMAP + Ad Scheduling
  • Google IMA
  • Ad Pods, Ad Skip, Tag Waterfall
  • VPAID 2.0

Rich Customization

  • Playlists
  • CSS Skinning
  • Mobile Responsive UI
  • User-Selectable Playback Quality
  • Full-Screen Handling
  • Rotation Handling

Fire TV Support

In addition to the Android SDK, BridTV also includes user-created playlists from the CMS, and feeds for all types of dynamic playlists. These feeds may also be used to with both Roku Direct Publisher and Amazon creator for FireTV. Amazon’s Fire TV set-top box and Fire TV Stick streaming media stick open the doors to top-notch content, which denotes an amazing assortment of blockbuster flicks and over 200,000 TV episodes via Amazon, Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, HBO GO, and so on. The service also features 1,500 apps and games (available to customers in the United States, United Kingdom and Germany – the Fire TV Stick is available to customers in the US, UK, Germany and Austria.