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October 31, 2014
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Online Video Marketing in 2015

Advertizers tried to spread a little bit of happiness, joy and positivity in 2014. No better example than the Ice Bucket Challenge (IBC). Being proactive, engaging and easily shared this campaign alone has helped to raise up to $120 million in donations with massive views on YouTube and Facebook.
What most marketers have learned from IBC is that the speed of social video sharing increased dramatically in 2014 and video content that is interesting, unique and of high quality is the key to engaging the audience.
It comes as a no-brainer that brands are using video content marketing to get emotional with customers. The more we feel about a video ad, the more likely we are to support its call to actions and more willing to share video content via social networks. Most brands realized that strong emotional storytelling is the key factor for engaging with your customers and audience.
So, what will matter in 2015 for video marketing and advertising?

1. More Videos Will Be Published…
The use of videos for video marketing has been steadily growing in the last couple of years. Reasons for that are obvious because videos are great in engaging viewers, showing how a service or product works and is more clear and approachable to customers than text or pictures has ever been. It is most likely that this trend is gonna continue to rise and businesses will implement video as their main sales force.
2. … And They Will Get More Personal
In 2014, companies have reported that by offering personalized content they have been able to increase the number of sales, shares and inspire users to stay longer on their websites. We’ll see even more and more personalized content in video marketing that matters and is relevant to customers this year.
3. Real-Time Video Marketing and Social Sharing
When your video marketing goal is to connect with your customers and they all talk about that bended iPhone on twitter and share videos are you gonna join the conversation and get noticed or miss the opportunity? Many campaigns were so successful only because response time was immediate and the topic was timely relevant. The social networks are great place to start conversation or to follow already ongoing one and to be creative in responding and engaging (it’s better if your video player has sharing option implemented so sharing of video is a breeze like on Brid.tv).
4. Mobile Video Will Become Even Bigger
Reports are showing expectations that more than 70% of all digital video views will come from tablets and/or mobile devices by 2018. People are already all the time stuck with their mobile devices so better start putting more content into a mobile space and allow your customers to enjoy your content anytime, anywhere (need we mention that Brid.tv HTML5 player fits all scenarios and has native support for all major platforms, including responsive embed code for mobile sites!?).