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How To Use Video To Increase Your Website Traffic
April 28, 2016
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May 9, 2016

New Social Video And Social Media Marketing Trends in 2016

Many things have changed in the previous couple of months in the social media sphere and in the sphere of the online video industry as well. Michael Stelzner, Founder and CEO of Social Media Examiner and creator of Social Media Marketing World, in his keynote in front of 3,000 attendees on the Social Media Marketing World event, discovered data that he and his team gathered about new trends in the social media marketing sphere.  Based on it let’s try and summarize new trends, help marketers grasp the social media moment and explore new video marketing possibilities that are coming with it.

Live Video As A New Video Marketing Trend

First of all add more live video to your digital craft. The significance of live video in 2016 shows the fact that the 50% of marketers plan to use live video and 14% of marketers are already using it. There are lots of benefits of using online video as a marketing and a promotional tool. As for the platforms that support live video, you can use Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube. Marketers ought to explore all these platforms and chose the most suitable option for their niche.
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There Has Been Spotted The Rise of Popularity of Facebook Video

  • The future of video marketing is on Facebook. That especially goes for the short versions of video. Stats show that 67% of marketers will increase their Facebook marketing in 2016.
  • The predictions are video marketers who chose to expand their business through collaboration with other companies on their blog or social channels will witness great results.
  • As for the most popular Facebook ad formats in, the top 3 Facebook video ad formats for 2016 are Educational/Informational Shorts, Gifs and Worksafe Ads. Read more about those formats here.

Use Your Video Analytics

Nowadays popular social video platforms provide you with analytics that will allow you to better get to know your audience, and by knowing them more you will acknowledge their needs and offer them a content based on them. With that knowledge you will be able to better approach them and create content based on their preferences . Marketers can use the data collected from the Analytics to know when is the favourite  watch time of their target group so they could know when to share their video , or which content is the most viewed (what kind of content work for them). Read about what you can learn from your Video Analytics here.

The Usage of Snapchat is Rising

Snapchat is becoming more popular. Its power lies in its uniqueness and in the possibility to deliver a feedback. But you should have in mind that this platform in not for everyone. It’s for marketers who want to have a long-term investment and who want to grow a channel from the ground up and create native content. The most usual target group for Snapchat are Millennials. It’s a great tool for creating mobile and video content.

Clicks On The Links Depending On The Thumbnail And Title Of The Video Content

Tim Schmoyer stated that people click on the links depending on  the thumbnail and title of the video content. Therefore, It’s  very important to choose the appropriate form of the title and choosing the one that will precisely define the contents meaning and that will at the same time catch the viewer’s attention. This method could be used for  Facebook video, which plays silently until the video is clicked. Before creating the title of the video content, video creators should  create Thumbnails. Your thumbnails should be finalized it in Photoshop at 85px tall.  The advice for marketers is to tests different thumbnails per video using Display Ads and chose the most effective one.

Remarketing Lists Recommended For Retargeting

Remarketing lists are the latest trend in the digital marketing strategy, which usage could affect  the targeting of highly qualified traffic to your videos. They could be found in AdWords. Remarketing lists provide creators to push videos to viewers of previously watched videos. Targeting of the viewers could be related  to the viewer conduct toward your videos. Creating those list could be very valuable for your marketing strategy. It needs to be created based on the interest of your target group.
This event surely provided us with valuable pieces of information, especially for all the video marketers out there, giving them a clear focus on what should be their future activities if they want to profit from their video marketing strategy.

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