New minor platform and player release
by | Sep 25, 2014 | Editorial, Platform Updates | No Comments

We’ve done a couple of minor tweaks to Brid CMS and the Brid player.

Brid CMS and player changes:

  • Removed Google Analytics calls from the player wherever it would display inside the CMS. This should provide our publishers with a clearer picture of their video viewership.
  • Removed some internal tracking inside the CMS only so the player and CMS take less resources.
  • Fixed certain specific ad tag URL calls in the player so that they get called properly.
  • Fixed minor counter display bug on site list which would sometimes not display the correct number of videos.
  • On certain player configurations, the players related videos screen would show briefly between a Brid and YouTube video in a single playlist. This is now fixed.
  • Due to an additional event firing from the player, a videos title bar would stick while an ad displays. This is now fixed.

We’re constantly squashing bugs and working on new features so stay tuned for more!

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