Working With Video Beyond YouTube: BridTV vs.YouTube, What's the Difference?
March 28, 2017
Brid Video Easy Publish WordPress Plugin Update
May 4, 2017

New Features, Bugs, Fixes and Changes To BridTV Video Platform

With just little over a month in with the latest player/platform release we are proud to announce a new outstream unit (In Video) and also support for banner fall back on the player level for all our PREMIUM subscribers and few minor bug fixes and changes that will fasten your work with our platform.

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New BridTV Video Platform Features

We’ve added a new type of outstream ad unit that we call IN VIDEO. This unit will have the option to fallback to a standard banner code ad if no pre roll is available to display. This is real and actuable revenue potential as long as you provide or have us provide you with a 300×250 banner ad tag. You can see it in action here.
We’ve also added a new type of ad fallback to the player which allows Brid players to fall back to a 300×250 banner code if no pre roll is available.
The new inslide outstream ad unit is live. From today, the inslide unit will slide from the right corner of the screen and stay put if an ad is available. It won’t go back into content anymore. If no ad is available, the unit won’t appear.
We’ve had video geo-fencing available for some time now but it was an admin only feature that needed to be requested to be used. From today video geo-fencing is available to all PREMIUM level members. It supports both site based and video based geo-fencing for more granular control.
Autoplay on desktop only has been added as a player configurable option. This was a highly requested feature so from today this is available. This option will make sure your player always autoplays on desktop while on mobile it stays click-to-play.
Facebook video syndication is finally available. Easily syndicate your videos from Brid to any Facebook wall or page via our integrated system.

Bugs, Fixes and Changes

  • Deprecated the old ADD YOUTUBE option fully due to Google’s TOS.
  • On certain SAVE functions, the orange bar which tells the user that save is in progress would hang. This was a cosmetic only bug as SAVE functionality would work properly. This is now fixed.
  • Normal site admins (non-site owners) could see the site settings icon on the site list but could not see any options in it due to permissions. This is now fixed and normal site admins cannot see this icon anymore.
  • Removed the play in page option for all outstream units as these units have this enabled by default now and cannot be disabled due to the specific requirements that these units need to playback on mobile.
  • Optimized the sticky header in the CMS.
  • Changed the popups notice message for YouTube syndication to be more noticeable.
  • Fixed the ad slot positioning on all screens where users can add pre mid and post rolls as on certain occasions some slots would be cut off.
  • Changed the way encoding works so the video list now is more responsive while encoding is in progress.
  • Added the option to grab embed code for a video while encoding is still in progress.
  • Added a pipeline system to our encoding so that smaller video renditions are more quickly available than the much larger HD and other system parts. This means quicker encoding time, especially for long-form videos.
  • The bandwidth diagram in the header area for paid users was slightly cut off. This is now fixed.
  • Fixed bandwidth display for decimal values.
  • Overage notices are now automatically removed if an overage is paid.
  • Changed the autosave behavior on the upload video screen to be more intelligent.
  • Added a more robust URL checker on the ADD VIDEO form so that IP and PORT URL addresses are accepted.