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Turn Your WordPress Site Into A Video Blog With BridTV
November 22, 2018
How Mobile-First Indexing Simplifies Digital Marketing Strategies
December 10, 2018

Modern-day Video Platform: The Overview

For the past few years, content creators and various online businesses have been pushing the boundaries in terms of what can be accomplished with online video. What’s more, video monetization has never been easier, albeit the digital marketing scene is constantly changing.
Globally, online video platforms utterly dominate the current advertising world. During 2017 that market amounted to a $780 million and is now expected to go as far as $2580 million by the end of the year 2025.

The situation is no different Stateside. What’s more, recent research indicated that the number of digital video users in the United States is going to amount to 236 million users in 2020, which marks a rise from 213.2 million (that was accumulated back in 2016).

When seeking a proper modern-day online #videoplatform one your first objectives is no doubt monetization and other key features that will also enable you a fast and easy road to bigger ad revenue. Click To Tweet

When seeking a proper modern-day online video platform one your first objectives is no doubt monetization and other key features that will also enable you a fast and easy road to bigger ad revenue. However, all of that depends on several factors. Also, regardless of what you choose, your success will depend on having a technology that is applicable and well-optimized for all devices including mobile, tablet, and desktop. In addition to that, you need to take other essentials into account such as finding an HTML5 video player that offers enough features too.

What Separates Good Platforms From Lousy Ones

In the beginning, a lot of video creators and video-oriented businesses make the mistake of sticking to one platform for their video efforts; public services and social network sites such as Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo. While these are all good sources for getting in touch with your audiences, they do not represent fast and easy roads to monetization.
Platforms such as YouTube, for example, are prone to frequent and unexpected changes in policy, which could seriously jeopardize your revenue. There’s also extra caution that needs to be taken when dealing with aspects such as copyright infringement that relates not only to videos but to images, music and so on.

What Does an Enterprise Video Platform Denote

In in a nutshell, when you’re looking to enterprise-level video platforms it means you’re at the very least going beyond services like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter also. Enterprise video platforms are extremely sought after at the moment. Companies striving to make a mark on the B2B market have a better chance of succeeding with enterprise platforms, as opposed to those still clinging to social networking sites. While these public services are great for promotion and marketing purposes, they still lack a broader approach to aspects such as monetization, video metrics, and general analytics data so on.

In a nutshell, when you’re looking to enterprise-level #videoplatforms it means you’re at the very least going beyond services like #YouTube, #Facebook, and #Twitter. Click To Tweet

Speaking analytics, this is an integral part of any enterprise video platform. The publisher or client needs to be well-aware of several metrics and stats related to video content, video ad efficiency and so on. Different parameters need to be openly available to any client here such as video views, embeds, time watched total and more. In addition to that, access to vital user data and video interaction are utmost priorities, which means engagement. Moreover, ad impressions, ad requests, ad and video complete rate, ad skips, ad clicks etc.

The Essentials and the Technology

When you settle on a particular video tech for your business needs. Every decent online video platform should be capable of easily handling the following: upload videos, encoding videos video playback and live streaming. Also, a solid video platform typically provides an intuitive and user-friendly Content Management System (CMS), so clients or users can manage video content, and set up their own monetization plan. In addition to that, the service should encompass easy-to-use analytics, as well as access to relevant valuable data and stats like impressions, video views, watch time, unique views, general stats on user visits, and so on.
Every decent online #videoplatform should be capable of easily handling the following: upload videos, encoding videos, video playback, live streaming and provide video ad monetization options. Click To Tweet

However, through it all, no matter what your business goals are, you certainly have to remember one thing. The video platform you’re utilizing is essentially a tool and like any other tool, it has to have the proper features to help you on your journey towards effective monetization and better ROI.

Welcomed Extras – White Label Platform

Not every service includes this as a feature, but having a white label platform can be just the ticket for your business and brand. If you’ve opted for an enterprise video platform, white label helps you incorporate your own branding at a mere touch of a button. It’s the perfect option for publishers or rather businesses large and small to establish a professional corporate stance and high-quality appearance.

The white-label video SSP bestows full control from a single CMS with absolutely no technical know-how or coding required. Simplicity is the key here. As a business, you are given a smooth and well-optimized video technology to push your business model to a whole new level. If monetization is in your crosshairs, white label is the fastest and easiest road to an affordable video platform, eliminating all the hassle that’s normally required to run such a complex system. Of course, earning revenue from your videos is accomplished through VAST, VPAID, and Google IMA Ad Tags.

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