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Mobile video has been growing steadily for years and now mobile video consumption has escalated, becoming, for video advertisers and marketers, their number one concern.

The Rise of Mobile Video

Let’s remind us about the latest stats that prove the impact mobile has on the video industry:

HTML5 banner ads improve user engagement and ROI, generating 3x more interactions Click To Tweet
  • More than 44% of all video views took place on a mobile device during Q2 2015, which represents a 74% increase compared to the previous year.
  • Q2 Ooyala stats predict mobile will account for 50% of all video plays by the end of this year.
  • The top three YouTube’s priorities, according to YouTube’s CEO Susan Wojcicki, are “mobile, mobile, and mobile”. Four years ago, only 6% of YouTube views came from mobile devices. Today, more than half of YouTube views and 65% of Facebook video views occur on mobile devices.
  • According to eMarketer’s stats, mobile ad spend will reach $100 billion worldwide by 2016.
  • Sharing on mobile devices is more popular than ever. According to ShareThis latest study on social behavior across various devices, sharing on mobile devices is notably more frequent than on desktops. People use iPhones more than any other mobile devices for social sharing. Seems like people engage more with social channels on devices which better support their activities and content consumption.

HTML5 domination

HTML5 has proven more effective than Flash as it has been shown to be a more open web technology for which the browser supports cross-platform sets the stage for more rich, complete and personalized experiences to share with users. This proves the fact that  IAB, as one of the biggest influencers in the advertising sector recommends that the industry should migrate from Flash to HTML5 tech. IAB is going to set HTML5 as the new industry standard in interactive marketing, and discard Flash, which have advertisers used for a long time as a standard for making interactive ads online. And that’s not all, as of October 1st, Chrome paused Flash-based advertising of peripheral content since Chrome users have been complaining that it has a negative impact on their notebook’s power consumption, and they blame mainly Flash content for that.

Advantages of HTML5 Ads

Take a look at some advantages of the HTML5 ads format all the advertisers out there ought to know:

  • Mobile friendly –  Flash doesn’t work on most mobile phones and tablets, and HTML5 does. HTML5 is an industry standard mobile-compatible format.
  • HTML5 creatives can have rich design features, animation, and interaction, as they use CSS3 and JavaScript.
  • HTML5 banner ads improve user engagement and ROI, generating 3x more interactions.
  • HTML5 banner ads Improve CTR – around 50% higher.
  • Stats show that HTML5 banner ads allow you to create better reachability and targeting for varied audience — based on users engagement behavior, and they offer more data and tracking for campaign optimization
  • Multiple screens – Another important change in new media is the growing variety of screen sizes, both big and small. CSS3 can be responsive, ads can fit any screen size with a single file. HTML ads have a very small file size, and they load much faster than flash. This is a big advantage regarding transient mobile traffic.

Use an online video platform that supports the VPAID 2 standard for HTML5

Due to the growth in mobile viewing, and considering the possible challenges publishers may have regarding mobile video advertising, our Brid Team has decided to help publishers deliver a quality mobile video experience and a possibility to monetize that content.

Brid Player implemented the latest HTML5 standards for video. Following the latest tech trends, Brid represents a new generation of player as an HTML5 platform that provides robust, full-featured video playback. Brid has you covered if you are looking  to serve ads on mobile devices using the Brid platform since our player uses Google’s powerful IMA SDK for HTML5 to display ads.

Our much-improved version of the Brid.Tv player now uses our proprietary JavaScript animation engine, making animations much faster and more lifelike on both mobile and desktop. Setting up your ads and monetizing your content takes seconds and it’s free. Brid users now have an even wider support for iPhone, iPad, and Android. And that’s not all, our Brid.Tv player now supports an in-page iPhone video play option. Taking in consideration the impact mobile video has in the advertising industry, why don’t you Give a try and explore new ways to reach your mobile audience as of today!

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