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B2B Video Marketing Best Practices
August 7, 2018
BridTV Platform Update: Improvements And Fixes
August 20, 2018

Mobile Video Advertising

As a publisher, expanding your online video business endeavors denotes keeping your attention focused on digital marketing. However, through it all, optimizing for mobile should be your uttermost priority.

Creating and establishing a dedicated mobile marketing strategy is an absolute prerequisite to making an impact on the current video ad market. That’s where all the 2018 trends are leading. After all, it’s not a matter of opinion.

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71% of teens between 13 and 18 years of age saying that they watch mobile video at least 3 hours per day, having a well-thought-out and well-executed mobile marketing strategy is a must for any publisher in 2018.

Mobile Video Ad Market

That was just one of the reasons why so many publishers shift their attention towards the mobile plain when it comes to advertising. A recent forecast has shown that mobile devices are going to drive 80% of global internet usage. Not surprisingly Google already drives 95% of all US paid search ad clicks on mobile. In addition to that, 50% of the time individuals spend on digital media is actually on mobile apps.

The latest mobile marketing statistics speak for themselves. In a climate such as this, video ads are being used by marketers to fulfill crucial goals such as brand awareness, brand consideration, as well as demand generation.

Thanks to the dominant HTML5 ad format advertisers have the tool at their disposal that allows them to do exactly that in many ways:

  • HTML5 creatives can have rich design features, animation, and interaction, as they use CSS3 and JavaScript.
  • HTML5 banner ads improve user engagement and ROI, generating 3x more interactions.
  • HTML5 banner ads Improve CTR – around 50% higher.
  • Stats show that HTML5 banner ads allow you to create better reachability and targeting for varied audience — based on users engagement behavior, and they offer more data and tracking for campaign optimization
  • Multiple screens – Another important change in new media is the growing variety of screen sizes, both big and small. CSS3 can be responsive, ads can fit any screen size with a single file. HTML ads have a very small file size, and they load much faster than flash. This is a big advantage regarding transient mobile traffic.
  • Use an online video platform that supports the VPAID 2 standard for HTML5

Be Prepared for the Future of Mobile

In order to keep up with the ever-changing tech trends, BridTV Player has implemented the latest HTML5 standards for video. We have created a new generation of a video player and HTML5 platform, which offers full-featured video playback and uses Google’s powerful IMA SDK for HTML5 to display ads.

We are continually improving BridTV and enhancing its services. What’s more, the player also uses our proprietary JavaScript animation engine, making animations much faster and more lifelike on both mobile and desktop.

Setting up your ads and monetizing your content takes seconds and it’s free. Brid users now have an even wider support for iPhone, iPad, and Android. One of the best features of the BridTV player is the added support for in-page iPhone video play option.

Want to know how can BridTV help you turbocharge your video ad business? Let’s talk.
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