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January 8, 2016
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January 19, 2016

Measure The ROI Of Your Marketing Videos

A few years ago content marketing ROI was not so easy to define and track, today marketers don’t have the same problem. We now have many methods and tools that provide us with the opportunity to measure our content marketing efforts and by tracking our results to improve our marketing strategy. If you’re one of the marketers unclear about how to achieve video content marketing ROI read this one out, it’s for you.
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Step 1: Campaign Costs

Try to circle what would be the final amount of your campaign costs. Take in consideration all of the projected costs of your video marketing campaign. From idea over video production to promotion. There are two ways to do it. Video marketing companies that offer all-inclusive video marketing packages are highly recommended and they can provide a cost outline much easier and more effective. Or ‘do it yourself’ method that will give you ability to control every segment of the work and sole responsibility for potential downfall.

Step 2: Your Sales/Branding/Traffic Goals

Define what your sales/branding/traffic profits, that you want to achieve directly from your video marketing campaign efforts, are. After you reach your set goals, everything else will be pure plus of the campaign. If your into sales, for example, after determining your video production costs, you will know where your profit begins. It might help you to track your sales on a year and monthly level, so you can adjust your campaign for any upcoming seasonal changes.

Step 3: Track Sales

Start by distinguishing your incomes from your video campaign and other marketing factors. To do that you can track people who consume  your video content  and go on to make a purchase. You can use web tools to embed links that are specific to your videos or use your video analytics for an in depth view. They will provide you the info on which sales come from video views. However, keep in mind there will always be customers who saw your video and made a purchase later on.
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Step 4: Time To Improve Your Results

After measuring your ROI, you can start improving your video marketing strategy. Your analytics can help you a lot in determine what needs to be improved.

  • Identify your core demographics and target your marketing campaign; Identify specific target audiences you’re trying to reach. Consider the demographics: location, age, gender, income level, education level, occupation, and  the psychographics of your target group . Content marketers need to concentrate on creating a content strategy that will deliver video content to the right address at the right time.
  • See if you core audience demographics is responding negatively to you campaign; After defining your core demographics and delivering your marketing message to the right target group, find out where is your campaign performing negatively. If your marketing campaign is performing negatively among an area in which you’d like to make sales, you need to determine why and make some changes if necessary.
  • Your viewers should be engaging with your video content; If you want your video content to perform well, you have to figure out what kind of impact you want your video to have on viewers.To achieve video engagement, sometimes you need to experiment, for example, test your video with a small sample of viewers. By gauging their reaction you will get a better picture of what effect your video will have with other potential customers, adjusting it and fine tuning until you get acceptable results.
  • Continue engaging your customer and that way build brand awareness; Your goal is to establish a deeper relationship with your company and your prospect, and you will achieve that only by continuing to engage them with new and fresh video content. If your viewers are clicking out, or not coming back for more of your content, you can try to make it more interesting, intriguing, funnier, or boost your social media visibility and encourage your prospect to interact.
  • Share your content on social media channels multiple times: Content promotion is most certainly as important as content creation. Treat social media channels as radio or TV station, and your content like song, that are playing on and on on TV and radio stations until they become popular.
  • Make your video content a Mobile Friendly one; Mobile usage is only getting bigger. eMarketer’s stats show by 2017 mobile programmatic advertising will be worth $20.4 billion compared to PC (only $6.34). Due to the report, video and so-called native advertising are expected to dominate in the programmatic growth in mobile. Those stats point out that mobile should be the focal point of all video makers and marketers out there, and if they want to get more fans you need to make your video a mobile friendly one.
  • Identify from which device your videos are being watched the most; Where your videos are being watched the most. On YouTube, your website, Facebook or Twitter? Using Brid.Tv, you can embed your videos to your website, share it on Facebook and Twitter, and use Google Analytics to do your 24/7 surveillance of the effectiveness of your video marketing strategy.
  • Make sure your video content is producing a desirable call to action; Sometimes the reason why your video isn’t producing a call to action is that your viewers aren’t certain what steps they should take after consuming it. Your video content needs to clearly specify what action viewers should take after seeing it.

Besides all the listed guidelines and above anything else make sure you deliver to your customers a quality video content, something they will find useful and worth sharing, and the effort of your making video marketing strategy will undoubtedly pay off.

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