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A Video Platform That’s One of Its Kind

The online video market continues to evolve at lightning speed, and for the past year we’ve seen so many new developments, all of which make it increasingly easier for publishers to expand their e-businesses.

Almost every single business endeavor today requires the video form – whether it’s you’re a content creator, content marketer, influencer or a businessman looking to making an impact on a massively competitive market.

Utilizing videos is en essential ingredient in any modern-day business plan, and you are always advised to turn to the most obvious and most popular platforms, like Facebook or YouTube. However, while this could be a decent way if you’re starting out and learning the basics of turning your video content into a monetizable business, you are far better off relying on paid platforms. 

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With Brid.TV your options are vast and it’s free and easy-to-use, so you can feel confident you strive towards bigger business goals. Before you set out to accomplish that, you ought to bear in mind that you are stepping into a highly competitive market, so it’s preparation is key. You won’t get very far without business intelligence, search marketing, social media strategy and marketing automation. This will lead you to brand recognition and, of course, improved ROI (return on investment).

Brid.TV is quite a helpful tool, for any publisher entering the scene of video content marketing.  

Here are the main benefits you can expect from an enterprise-level free online video platform such as Brid.TV. In a contemporary B2B environment where video is king, you absolutely cannot do without the following features:

Monetizing With Low Cost
Publishers have the ability to reach viewers and monetize content on Flash-disabled browsers and devices, eliminating the risk of substantial loss in revenue

Automated Seamless Solution
A fully automated seamless solution, all you need is an HTML5 compatible VAST/VPAID 2.0 ad tag and the system will do the rest!

Ad in-page on all mobile devices
The player launches the ad in-page on all mobile devices; ad content does not take the entire user screen and is much less intrusive

Autoplay VPAID 2.0 in Chrome
Supporting autoplay VPAID 2.0 in Chrome, with players smaller than 400×300, which would otherwise be blocked

Autoplay on iOS Mobile Devices
Autoplay on all mobile devices including iOS which otherwise is not possible

In addition to providing in-page autoplay, which is something no other player does, webmasters are also given an assortment of cool features for posting videos online. This includes:

– Monetization via traditional pre roll, mid roll, post roll and overlay formats.
– Interactive HTML5 ads.
– Latest mobile and desktop streaming formats.
– WordPress support.
– Enterprise partners Unlimited Encoding.com video encoding as well.
– Virtually all formats are supported with the fastest turnaround times.
– Optimized playback across all Android, iOS, web platforms.
– No file duration restrictions.
– Supported HD video renditions.
– A variety of skin options.
– Intelligent site skinning.
– Social sharing options.
– Google powered analytics.

Brid.TV is a free, straightforward video platform that aims to leave its own mark in the online video industry and the only way to do that is to offer more stuff for free than the big guys. Does that strike you as a little crazy? Maybe. However, it gives everyone a fair shot at success and, more importantly, it offers gives any publisher a chance to achieve easy and fast monetization via an intuitive easy-to-use system.  

The Brid.TV family is growing by the minute, and if you haven’t signed up, now is your chance.

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