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Connect With Your Audience Through Long-Form Video

Long-Form Video

Video is dominating the marketing world. In fact, 85% of businesses use it to promote their products or services and generate leads. The internet is brimming with different types of videos that all have one common goal — to get viewers to pay attention. But, marketers are in a dilemma. Do customers want to watch long-form video while leading fast-paced lives?

According to one research, they do. Long-form video consumption has increased in recent years. Viewers don’t mind watching clips that are over two minutes long nowadays. However, those videos need to be relevant and engaging in order to get their attention. Still, the good news is, people want to see more videos from brands. In fact, more than 50% of internet users watch videos every day, which means that companies need to invest in this content type.

For marketers, the most challenging thing is to decide between long-form and short-from videos. On one hand, customers have short attention spans, and on the other, it’s been proven that longer videos can perform better. But, both formats have their values and pros and cons. It is up to you to decide which one to use with each new campaign.

In this article, however, we’ll focus on long-form video, its benefits, and more!

Long-Form Video for Brands

Industry thought leaders often hail long-form video as the best way to engage customers because it puts emphasis on entertainment and story. From popular web series to viral TED Talks, people enjoy watching longer videos, and the marketing world is catching up to this trend.

Unlike shorter videos that focus on products or services, long-form content offers businesses a unique opportunity. Namely, it gives them a chance (and time) to show their commitment to a cause or mission, and connect with customers on a deeper level. Longer content is also useful for educational purposes. It helps viewers learn more about different topics, from revealing exciting industry trends to teaching them how to tackle certain problems.

And in case you’re wondering, long-form video is the one that lasts for more than five minutes. So, consider what message you want to convey to customers, and whether it would be more practical to pass it on with the help of longer content.

Again, you should decide whether you’ll be team long-form video content or not. While you’re reaching your decision, we’ll share three reasons that explain why this format is a growing trend among marketers.

Long-Form Video: A Growing Trend

Video marketing trends are always changing. Marketers try to always stay on top of them, and create content their customers expect to see. Right now, consumers count on brands to release longer videos that have captivating storylines. And your business should invest in them.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you should disregard short-form videos. You should still make them to promote your business and capture your audience’s attention immediately. However, don’t forget that you have more options, and that creating the same content over and over again won’t be enough. Let your marketing campaigns consist of numerous video types that feature different storylines and have varying durations.

As far as long-form video is concerned, here’s why it has become a growing trend.

Consumers Are Always on Their Devices

The world has evolved a lot over the years thanks to technology. We now have ubiquitous Wi-Fi and unlimited data plans which keep us connected at all times. Consumers have become device-agnostic and expect to see the same high-quality content wherever they decide to watch it. And marketers need to cater to this need.

In fact, you can always find someone watching video while commuting or waiting for an appointment. After all, it’s a sure-fire way to pass the time and get entertained. It’s safe to say that accessing media wherever and whenever has become the norm.

So, as technology has improved, our smartphones can support long-form video… or any video type for that matter. People don’t need to be in front of their computers or laptops to watch this format, which is why it has become a growing trend.

Long-Form Video Is Everywhere

It’s true — you can’t escape from long-form video content even if you tried to. This format is present on all major social media networks, including Facebook and Instagram. Internet users still want to see short videos, but there is something more personal about longer clips. As brands want to connect with their potential and existing customers, longer videos are now everywhere.

Apart from educating your audience, they give you more space to tell your story. So, it’s no wonder that you can encounter these videos on social media and other websites. Facebook, in particular, favors long-form videos. Some say it’s because this format can generate more ad dollars to the tech company. Regardless of the reason, users’ feeds are brimming with clips that last for more than two minutes.

However, long-form video doesn’t only thrive on social networks. Marketers rely on it when producing TV commercials as well. Longer videos have also become popular in B2B marketing. Many businesses need to create in-depth educational content, and this video format helps them with that.

Long-Form Video Establishes a Connection

Having a close relationship with your customers is the key to successful marketing. Consumers want to feel like you look at them as more than just walking wallets. Don’t only post videos whose aim is to sell your products or services, but publish those which appeal to your audience’s emotional side. The best way to achieve this is by creating longer videos.

Long-form video enables you to establish a connection with viewers and build your community. The strength of this connection might be the only thing that is keeping your customers from choosing competing brands. Consumers can easily compare prices and read product reviews online, so you need to connect with them emotionally if you want to make the sale.

Moreover, customers should feel like they are part of an exclusive community. As members, they have access to longer content that educates and entertains them at the same time. So, gather your team and consider which brand story should be told in more than five minutes.

Long-Form Video Can Help With SEO

Want to improve your site’s SEO? One way to do it is by including as many quality videos you can on the website. They can be short or long and tackle any subject, just make sure to add them on different web pages.

Longer form content can bring specific advantages for video SEO. You see, an in-depth video covers a topic thoroughly. This means that it’s appropriate to add more long-tail search keywords in the metadata. So, don’t forget to include these if you want to boost your SEO.

Furthermore, visitors will remain on the page more if they have to watch a long video. As a result, search engines can conclude that your page is relevant and useful for internet users looking for targeted keywords.

We hope that the above-mentioned reasons are enough for you to see why long-form video is a growing trend. As long as people crave storytelling and personal connection, this format will remain popular.

Now, we believe it’s time we go over the benefits long-form content can bring to your brand!

The Benefits of Longer Video

It’s not easy for consumers to choose their favorite brands. They get bombarded with hundreds of marketing messages every day. As a result, they are now quite selective about what they’ll pay attention to. And you need to be aware of this. Look at their attention as a scarce commodity for which you need to fight. You need to produce a unique, clear, and impactful message to prevail.

With the right message, you’ll generate the results you want to achieve. Although shorter videos are more digestible, long-form content is valuable and meaningful. Here are the benefits it brings.

Provides Value to Customers

Meaningful videos with a positive message spread like wildfire on the internet. Viewers are eager to see and share them with their friends and family. Many businesses use long-form videos for the same purposes — to educate, entertain, and engage their customers. In this case, they provide unmatchable value to the customers.

Some brands decide to create video series that tackle different topics, thus educating their viewers. These series increase brand loyalty and encourage consumers to pay attention. So, when creating new content, strive to make something that will have an impact and teach a valuable lesson to your viewers.

Drives Engagement

Short-form video content is a must for brands. No one can deny that it’s the king of engagement. However, if you want to establish a deep connection with your audience, long-form video is the solution. Shorter isn’t always better in the marketing world.

In a 2017 research, the results showed that 80% of videos which were under five minutes only contributed to less than half of the overall engagement. On the other hand, 8% of videos that were longer than 15 minutes drove 50% of audience engagement.

Makes Your Brand Stand Out

Do you want your brand to stand out from the crowd? Then create longer content! People will come to you when they want to learn something new or to find a solution to their problems. So, transform your business into a learning platform.

Of course, your longer videos don’t need to be only educational; they can provide entertainment as well. There are so many options available, go over those that work for your brand.

Now, let’s take a look at two successful long-form video examples.

Long-Form Video Examples: Learn How to Do It Right

Nowadays, content comes in many forms. There are blog posts, videos, social media messages, newsletters, and more. All of this helps marketers reach their goals and raise awareness. But the content that can really help companies move their customers down the sales funnel is branded video.

Considering customers enjoy branded content, you shouldn’t ignore it. And if you have time and resources, start making long-form video content. When you have a story to tell, your consumers will pay attention to your message.

To help inspire your own long-form videos, we’ll go over two examples that show how you should do it.

General Electric

General Electric (GE) offers a wide variety of products and services. It can be a challenge to market all of them effectively. Plus, it doesn’t help that people usually think GE is merely a power company because of its name. The reality is a bit different. The company operates in numerous segments, including aviation, healthcare, renewable energy, and more.

So, how can GE ensure consumers understand they are more than a power company? By creating a video series called “In the Wild.” These videos follow Adam Savage as he tries to get to the bottom of the mechanics powering GE’s products and services. Both Savage and the audience learn how GE powers the world through expert interviews, explanations, and other.

Various long-form video examples can show you how you can educate the masses about your products and services, especially if your company is as versatile as GE is.


BMW is somewhat of a long-form video content pioneer. The company has been making videos for years now. They are using this content type to engage audiences and foster brand loyalty. They’ve managed to achieve these goals and decided to take things to the next level. Namely, they created films following actor Clive Owen as a driver for hire. He encounters certain challenges which showcase the performance aspects of various BMW cars.

Most recently, BMW released “The Escape,” another part of their video series. Again, Clive Owen’s character shows off the capabilities of a BMW car, indicating to prospective customers what they may expect if they decide to purchase this automobile.

These two long-form video examples are there to inspire your team, teaching them how they can use the power of video to bring your company closer to customers.

Connect With Your Audience Now!

More and more brands are reaping the benefits of long-form video. So, you should jump on this bandwagon as well. It will drive engagement, connect you with your audience, and make you stand out from the crowd. Something tells us you want to achieve these three things. And you can with the help of longer content. So, start investing in it now!