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Long-Form Video Content Increases Its Online Domination

Video is becoming a fundamental part of any content marketing strategy. It can positively affect eCommerce, brand awareness, social media engagement, and a lot more. General advice for creating digital content from all marketing experts is to be focused on keeping things short and sweet by making short-form clips. But segmenting your content by length should not be so strict in the world of online video. Although this may come as a surprise to most internet marketers and video content producers, long-form content might become a marketing priority in the future. But first, let’s define the term long-form content? According the FreeWheel Video Monetization Report, here’s how we can slice the industry’s digital video inventory into three buckets:

  1. Short-form (0-5 minutes long)- video clips, music videos.
  2. Mid-form (5-20 minutes long) – web series, extended clips.
  3. Long-form ( over 20 minutes long), -linear TV shows, live streams, feature films, sporting events.

When it comes to quality content, there’s a growing body of evidence lately, that people are more than willing to engage with long-form content. FreeWheel in its report for the fourth quarter of 2014 points out that compared to 2013 we can see a 43% increase in video ad views on long-form content year-over-year. Compared to the similar research done in May 2014, which showed the views of online video ads grew 26% year-over-year, that clearly represents a huge jump. FreeWheel report stated that types of video content that viewers watch mostly for longer than 20 minutes are first-run shows and sports streaming.
Growth of the long-form content mobile viewing is evident as well. According to some sources, more than half (53%) of mobile viewers’ time was spent watching video longer than 30 minutes. Research done by Digitalsmiths in 2013 showed that full-length movies and TV shows come close to news clips and previews in popularity among smartphones video viewers. Just over 42% of internet users in North America watched news video content on their smartphones, and more than 36% watched previews for TV shows or movies.
Our brains are primed for narrative. We love stories, we like to tell stories as well as to create them. Usually it takes time for compelling stories to build, but with a long form you can use that time much more efficiently. The Internet content, even the rich media, can’t always satisfy that need, and that can sometimes leave stories shallow and flat. Shorter content may be effective when you want to present only a key message in a target market, but the question is – is it enough for brand building? Video marketers need to create compelling content, the original story that describes what your brand stands for, and point out what you can offer to your target group, what makes you unique.
And what about the popularity of long-term videos on Youtube? Contrary to popular belief that YouTube users usually watch short-form clips, studies show that back in November 2014 more than a third of all YouTube view time was for videos that are 20 minutes long or over, and a third of all searches on the site where news and current affairs related. Exercise and workout videos are also very popular on YouTube. Here’s one the most popular exercise long term video uploaded on Youtube that gained 24 000 000 views.

These stats all confirm that people will watch long-form content if it is original, relevant, useful, entertaining or informative. Long-form video content is a great opportunity for webmasters and video publishers to engage more with customers. One such an ideal way would certainly be our new tech Veeps,  which is a chat or video chat solution for the video, while it is playing or not. Veeps brings the missing social element to video watching and create ways for viewers to share expressions and emotions in real-time, which is such an important part in any experience.
Here at Brid, we not only encourage anybody to publish videos in all kind of formats and duration, but now with our independent plugin Veeps we close the circle with enabling everybody to connect and share pleasure of video watching easier than ever.