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July 25, 2019
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Live Streaming – Your Chance to Make an Impact on the Video Market

There’s no denying that a vast number of online businesses are using video to create an impact on the current digital market. However, there’s an increasing number of web publishers and business owners who are relying more and more on live streaming as a powerful tool to reach worldwide audiences. When people are watching live events or a live stream, you know that the video will keep them engaged – considerably more so than regular (pre recorded) videos. This is why you can be certain that your business can greatly benefit from live videos.

Live Streaming Statistics 2019

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Ever-growing audiences are now using both desktop and mobile to get to their video content, and as of late, it’s been noted that these audiences prefer their content to be live, especially when it comes to sports, entertainment, e-spots (gaming in general) and, of course, news. Check out some pretty eye-opening stats (posted below) and facts that show just how much live streaming is currently favored by audiences.
Live Streaming 2019 Facts and Stats:

  • Watching esports is an industry that’s going to be worth $1 billion by 2020. BBC News has reported that a majority of gamers today prefer watching live action via Twitch and YouTube more than anything else.
  • Following in the footsteps of streaming service giants such as Netflix, Amazon already made an impact with its Amazon Prime Video, now in full swing with several awesome TV shows broadcasting or about to be released.
  • The value of the streaming industry is predicted to reach $70.05 billion by 2021.
  • Ever since it launched back in August 2015, the search term “Facebook Live Stream” increased in popularity by over 330%. Publishers and celebrities garnered an impressive $50 million for using Facebook Live.
  • It was reported that live content on Facebook gets 10 times more comments than ordinary videos.

What You Need to Know About Live Stream Audiences

Audiences are tough enough to gain, but if you consistently deliver the right content, you’ll be able to sit back, and enjoy the steady growth of your online business. So, why do audiences stick around? Well, whether or not you’re using live video or regular pre recorded videos, it must be said that audience return for one thing and one thing only: quality. They return for quality content. Similarly, they also want to have high-quality videos, particularly when it comes to live streaming. According to recently conducted surveys, video quality is the most important factor for 67% of viewers when watching a live stream broadcast. Furthermore, it might interest you to know that millennials are more likely to watch and engage with live content on a smartphone (56%) or tablet (44%).
In addition to that, it turns out 67% of live video viewers are more likely to purchase tickets for an event or concert, after they’ve watched a live streaming of a similar event.

True Benefits of Live Streaming

Marketers, business owners and industry leaders continue to delve deeper into the realm of live videos and why they hold so much appeal for audiences. Recently conducted research on the subject of live streaming has given us a bit more insight into this matter. This research is mostly based on years of experience from marketers. Here are the main benefits of using live streaming:

Engagement and interaction: a majority of marketers state that they experience more authentic interaction from audiences when using live videos. Consequently, if you’re relying on live videos, you are far more likely to improve metrics such as engagement and completion rate.

Digital marketing appears more ‘human’: it appears that a lot of marketers confirmed that live video brings a human touch to digital marketing – a vital component that will lead your online video-based business to better user experience, at the very least.

Quality content creation: not all content requires direction, editing or post-production. Some of the best and most popular content comes from spontaneous live events and live streams. This can be a valuable addition to your business strategy, if you find the right sources and tools for regular live video feeds. This content can, in-turn, be repurposed and saved for later.

Real-time analytics and data: when you pay attention to live stream analytics, as well as info that comes from real-time audience feedback, you are already gaining valuable data. 60% of marketers say real-time audience feedback is a great benefit.

Set Up Your Live Streaming With BridTV

So, you’ve considered all the pros of running your business using live streaming and live videos. With BridTV Live Streaming all you need to do is embed an interactive live experience on your branded site and start of by monetizing live stream with pre-roll video ads. Here are the main features of BridTV Live Stream:

Boost interactivity of your live video content with DVR. Viewers may pause, play, and rewind live events. For anyone who is watching an event after the initial broadcast time, they can easily head to an earlier position of the video.

Multiple Quality Renditions
Maximum video quality depends greatly on your bandwidth and your source. BridTV Live Stream supports adaptive streaming; the HLS live stream features multiple video renditions – the player selects the appropriate video rendition according to device.

High-Quality Streaming
Massive quality boost for your live streaming, with up to 40000kbps live streaming. This particular jump in quality will allow you to make the most out of your live video content, live events, or live media.

Mobile Live Streaming and Live Events
BridTV Live Stream for mobile streaming – skillfully crafted for performance, quality and a glitch-free viewing experience.
Set up your Live Streaming with BridTV and start your journey towards better revenue, bigger engagement and more.

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