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May 22, 2019
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May 30, 2019

Let Your Own Publishers Monetize via BridTV White Label

Okay, so your business is a success and you’ve managed to implement a solid strategy into your plan. In order to take your online business to new heights, it would be wise to consider new and innovative technologies. The latest edition of the BridTV HTML 5 video player has recently been improved with highly advanced tech, that allows you to optimize your monetization strategy even further. The BridTV White-Label Video SSP solution could be the new angle you need to upgrade your business model.

Unlock the Perfect Business Strategy and Monetization Solution

To put it as simply as possible, BridTV White-Label solution gives your publishers a chance to fine-tune their monetization plan and video ad revenue. It’s the perfect tool for ad, marketing agencies and other businesses who want allow their customers to have an affordable and reliable video platform. BridTV’s cloud-based video infrastructure offers content management, delivery, and monetization with the best quality of service.

White Label Platform Key Features

Enjoying the technological and financial benefits of a fully-functional, streamlined monetization solution, without the hassle of running a complicated system. With revenue increase your crosshairs, the BridTV White Label is certainly the best move for your business, seeing as it offers you an opportunity to have an affordable video platform by your side and our support/dev team handling things on their end (so you don’t have to).
Check out the key features of our White Label product:

  • We keep things simple overall – the whole system is incredibly easy-to-use, and we have our devs on stand-by at all times to help your publishers max out their revenue.
  • Gaining fast and steady revenue from your videos, which is carried out via VAST, VPAID, and Google IMA Ad Tags.
  • Best solution for small and large businesses to establish a professional corporate stance and high-quality appearance.
  • The White Label video SSP bestows full control from a single CMS with absolutely no technical know-how or coding required.
  • As a business, you are given a smooth and well-optimized video technology to push your business model to a whole new level.

Additional Features

BridTV White Label includes even more features that can help publishers enhance their existing online monetization systems.
Geo-Fencing – First off, we have Geo-Fencing. Toggle to enable geo-fencing of videos for this site. Especially useful for better control of bandwidth and copyright.
Powerful Infrastructure:

  • Cloud hosting & CDN
  • Encoding & transcoding
  • Fully brandable setup to your own domain
  • Server side security
  • Real-time analytics
  • 24x7x365 Support for you

Powerful and Feature-rich System:

  • Publishers & billing management system
  • Analytics & reports
  • State of art HTML5 video player
  • Brandable & easily customizable player
  • Easy video content management
  • Advanced social sharing
  • YouTube syndication
  • AMP & Facebook Instant Articles support

Powerful Monetization Options:

  • Seamless ad integration
  • Pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll and overlay
  • Monetization with VAST, VPAID, & Google IMA Ad Tags
  • Support for Flash (interactive VPAID) and HTML5 (VPAID 2.0) ads
  • Add waterfalling
  • Outstream units
  • Backfill Program


Please let us know if you have any questions, and thanks for your continued support of BridTV.
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