How Important Is Video For Your Digital Strategy? (Part I)
March 23, 2016
How Important Is Video For Your Digital Strategy? (Part II)
March 29, 2016

What Kind Of Content Works And What Doesn’t Work With Millennials

Millennials are becoming the center of attention of the advertisers and marketers around the globe. You must be wondering why are millennials so significant target group? When we get to know what young people do today, we can figure out what older people will do in the future. Practically we could predict their consumption habits, and in which direction we should build our future marketing strategies.
When we sum up all data concerning their viewing habits, the basic conclusion is that youngsters are more digitally oriented and they usually use mobile devices for consumption of their content.
Millennials are twice as likely to be focused on #videocontent they watch on their mobiles that on TV Click To Tweet
According to the Millward Brown study on how people across various demographics respond to video ads,  younger groups of interviewers (the 16-24s) have a much higher consumption of video on digital screens. The stats were based on the interviewed 13,500 multiscreen consumers aged 16-45 in 42 countries. They  compared answers of questionnaires that are 16-24-year olds, 25-34s , and 35-45s. The study revealed that younger groups , from 16 to 24 years old, have a much higher consumption of video on digital screens. They spend  94 minutes on smartphones and laptops on a daily base, compared to the ones 35 to 45 years old  who consume it for 62 minutes.

Brands Need To Be Mobile Oriented

Ooyala states for Millennial generation to be “the mobile-first generation and distinctly global generation, sharing more similarities than generations before them, and they’re driving us to a digital homogeneity that is distinctly mobile.”
Brands need to be aware of the fact that today they can reach their audience on traditional media, but if they want to think ahead, they need a mobile-friendly strategy. Stats show Millennials are twice as likely to be focused on video content they watch on their mobile devices compared to the ones they consume on TV. That is why your video content needs to be a mobile-friendly one.

Millennials Prefer Long-Form Content

Stats show Millennials are engaged with a long-form video: 69% of all video content  watched on smartphones is under 10 minutes long. For the second quarter in a row, 69% of all videos watched on smartphones were under 10 minutes long.
A variety of long-form content is being watched online: episodic TV, longer dramas, movies, news , sports, and some short forms as well, usually consumed on mobile devices (i.e. modern lifestyles content).
This year is expected to be 78 million millennial digital video viewers, with under 92% of all US millennial internet users, according to eMarketer. Based on the eMarketer forecast, the total audience is expected to increase by 1 million or fewer viewers annually through 2019. And by offering more engaging and quality content, the rise of the popularity of digital content will only continue to spread.
So think on the long term: mobile, digital and quality!