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August 16, 2016
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Key Facts You Should Always Take In Consideration Before Making A Video

Have you jumped into video content marketing bandwagon already? If not this might be your last chance to enhance your audience engagement by making video content simply because people are already overwhelmed with video. 300 hours of new material is uploaded to YouTube alone every minute!
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Yesterday’s problems of sluggish bandwidth speed, sloppy video players and unreliable infrastructure are mostly gone, so watching quality videos online, today, is an enjoyable experience. Video is everywhere in all shapes and sizes on almost every device that’s out there. And fact is, thanks to technology, people are becoming lazier, and their attention span is shrinking by the day. So, how does one make video work for him nowadays?

Before Making A Video Consider These

There is no doubt video is a great way to show your product in person, to demonstrate how it works and what benefits your product has for your customers. To convey a message and/or educate your customers by keeping them engaged and interested at the same time.
7 out of 10 customers were positively influenced about the company, after watching explainer video or educational content and those customers are more likely to share the videos they watched.
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It goes without saying that the message you want to spread defines your video. However, you do need to plan the content carefully and take few simple key factors into consideration before you start making the video:

  • The length of your video depends much on whether you are making video for YouTube, FaceBook or your website audience. Keep in mind optimal video length on YouTube is 870.89 seconds while on FaceBook 81.22 seconds (read more about it here).
  • The length also depends on a type of video you are making. Suggested lengths depending on a type are (read more about it here):
    Tutorials/Explainers (45-90 sec)
    Creative commercials (15-59 sec)
    Crowdfunding videos (Avg. 2.5 mins)
    Testimonials/Talking heads (60-119 sec)
  • Whichever platform and type of video you use, expect most of your viewers will not watch the whole video. The average attention span in 2015 was 8.25 seconds. This means you should have your main message presented early in the video, as early as within first 15 seconds. After that you can give additional, more detailed, information.
  • It may seem obvious but always make sure the visual and audio quality is best possible. In the age of HD videos do you really think you will stand out with poor quality video?
  • Time, and timing for that matter, are truly an essence of online marketing and making a cool video for hype topics within your industry will help you stay in front of your competition.
  • Personalize your video. Add a human face to your organization or product and make it more trustworthy.
  • Helping or offering to solve viewers problems, through video content, is the best way to spark communication and engagement.
  • Having a male narrator vs female narrator could also be the difference of 10% vs 3% conversion rate.
  • Adding explanatory video to your product page can increase your conversions rates up to 80%.
  • 64% of users are more likely to buy a product after watching video.
  • Having a unique video player skin complements the overall website design, enhance viewers experience and conversion rates (yes, BridTV offers video player intelligent skinning among other cool features) and brands your product each time video is shared over social networks.
  • Preview thumbnail matters more than you know. You can have a head start with it and spread a message before actual viewing of your video.
  • The bigger the player the more views you will get. 480px and even 720px sized player have more views than 250px or smaller on our testing.

All these factors create a significant difference in conversion rates and sales and we did not even touch the subject of actual content. Think through before you start. Plan ahead and seize the opportunity to create engaging content for your visitors and spread your message.