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February 24, 2016
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Keeping Up With The Trends: FaceBook Instant Article

On April 12th 2015, FaceBook Instant Article will be turned into an open platform, that will be available for all publishers of any size. According to the company, the main goal is to provide a fast and immersive reading experience for people on Facebook.
Instant Articles are aimed to solve some specific problems Facebook users are faced with, especially slow loading times on the mobile web. It’s a huge problem for people who prefer reading news on their phones and one Google, with their AMP Project initiative, is trying to solve as well. The problem doesn’t concern only the consumers. It has a huge impact on publishers, specifically those with audiences with low connectivity.

Basic Characteristics Of FaceBook Instant Article

It uses the same technology to display photos and videos quickly in the Facebook app.

  • Articles load instantly, even 10 times faster than the standard mobile web.
  • FaceBook Instant Article provides for the users to watch autoplay video as they scroll through the article.
  • It uses various production tools, with standard HTML and RSS feeds.
  • It is experience-oriented. Basically, it means that Facebook Instant Articles are focused on performance. They are focused on making articles look and feel modern.
  • It will be available for all publishers of any size.

With the help of FaceBook Instant Article, publishers will have full control over the look of their stories, as well as data and ads displaying. They can bring their own direct-sold ads and keep 100% of the revenue, and track data on the ads served through their existing ad measurement systems. They are also given a chance to monetize their content through the Facebook Audience Network.
In essence, the project offers an easy way to reach publishers audiences on Facebook with a rich suite of multimedia tools to create dynamic, interactive stories, that will load quickly, anywhere around the globe.
It’s a win-win combination for Facebook as well for publishers. Using Instant Article, publishers will get a full control over the reading experience, their ads and their data as well. As for Facebook, they’ll be getting quality stories/content people will like share and bring even more popularity to world’s number one social network.