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Keeping Up With The Trends: Apple News Format for Publishers

On Sept. 16th, Apple launched their platform for distributing news articles with the help of their own format using JSON. With Apple News Format publishers can generate  dynamic, animated multimedia content, available for readers through iOS 9’s new Apple News application.
The application had, until lately, limited access, available only for a small group of publishing partners ( ESPN, The New York Times, Condé Nast publications and Hearst newspapers). Other publishers have been limited to submitting an RSS feed of their stories. This means news readers could  access only basic textual content and a link to the original webpage. Now the format is available to all Apple News publishers.
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The focus of the app is mainly  on the reader’s experience, to make it better with outstanding  layouts and different types of  content. The users can access  interactive photo galleries, in-line videos and animations, and modern layout conventions, which include motion and parallax effects. However, there is a downside and it’s huge one. Publishers don’t have control of navigation and discoverability of their content.

How To Monetize Your Content With Apple News Format

Publishers can adopt iAd (Apple’s advertising platform) or their own ad network for content monetization within Apple News, instead of  trying to sell downloadable subscriptions. You can sell your own ads or have iAd sell on your behalf. You can keep 100% of the revenue from the ads you sell in your articles or channel or keep 70% if iAd sells the ads for you. You can also earn revenue from ads sold by iAd that appear in Apple-curated topic feeds. This is a great opportunity for small publishers, who don’t have the resources to create their own native apps. The app gives them the ability to promote their content around the globe with zero expenses.
Apple News organises  publishers’ content as various articles sorted by topic. Readers are given a chance to  follow a different news channel, which gives them an experience they are consuming a digital magazine or paper. The app enables  users to  read and share news in a form of a social network feed.