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BridTV Sticky Player: Unmatched Ad Viewability
May 30, 2019
BridTV Summer 2019 Platform Update
June 12, 2019

BridTV: The Most Powerful JW Player Alternative

Conveying an accurate message about your business or product might be a difficulty task, albeit it comes down to overcoming one simple challenge – understanding what people want and letting them know how you can help them improve their own business. Maintain this as your primary objective and you’ll send ripples across the B2B market with your product/business. Video is the fastest and best way to send a clear message to consumers and customers out there. Did you know that today content marketers who are using video achieve a 66% higher average website conversion rate than those who don’t? In order to achieve even greater results both marketers and business owners are expanding their digital strategies with new ideas and new technologies.

The current market for online video advertising has increased the need for simple, top-quality monetization solutions. Of course, if you happen to have your eyes set on JW Player, you should know that there is a better solution out there.

JW Player Alternative: What BridTV Has That JW Doesn’t

One of the primary benefits of the BridTV video platform, as opposed to services like JW Player, is its streamlined and straightforward monetization. Overall, BridTV is quite simply a more affordable and far more elegant solution, giving you more bang for your buck. Check it out the main advantages of BridTV over JW:

Faster and Lighter Video Player
BridTV offers an intuitive, super-fast and incredibly straightforward video player and our tests have shown time and again that the BridTV video player is by far faster than the JW player. Web publishers are perceiving BridTV as a premium solution for serving ads with content.

BridTV Any-Ad: An Enhanced Outstream Unit
BridTV Any-Ad is an in-house tech focused on Outstream ads. It has emerged based on valuable and highly positive feedback we’ve received from satisfied publishers. We have expanded our in-video outstream unit with an innovative 100% unique ad format that gets most out of your ads with no revenue loss. This enterprise-oriented ad tech significantly simplifies your monetization process, with top-notch functionality and ease-of-use. Steady ad-based income is achieved quickly and is maintained via fallback ad support for 300×250 display banners. Discover more.

High-yield Ad Monetization with BridTV Sticky Player
The BridTV Sticky Player is on the market and has been effectively utilized by many publishers for almost two years now. Here’s only a handful of features you can expect from our Sticky Player (but there’s a lot more to it):

  • Full viewability
  • Detailed customization
  • Enable option ‘If ad is present’
  • Focus on playback
  • Size configuration
  • Player position configuration
  • Optimizing for desktop
  • Optimizing for mobile

Discover more.

Truly Powerful Ad Tech, Video Analytics and Ad Metrics
With BridTV’s brand new Analytics Engine 2.0, publishers can rely on accurate ad performance data, in addition to precise video analytics, which of course makes for proper ad revenue optimization. Working actively with our analytics system, you’ll be able to boost your income, decrease page load speeds, and more. By customizing their ad stack, publishers can in-depth reporting and data collection, on top of accurate and highly detailed per-video metrics. Discover more. Discover more.

Nielsen Certified Video Player Plugin
Recently gone through the process of certification, the BridTV Nielsen Certified Video Player Plugin gives you the power to claim your spot in a thriving modern-day digital market. BridTV manages to stand out from the crowd by:

  • Understanding the sheer complexity of today’s online advertising scene.
  • Diversifying and tailoring business solutions and strategies for individual web publishers.
  • Crafting and implementing enterprise-level video tech into your web pages.
  • Clearing the road with quality metrics to establish audience retention.

Offering the necessary tools for successful ad monetization. Discover more.

Superior Dedicated Support Team – From LA to UK
A dedicated tech and dev team at your disposal, thus resolving any issues quickly and pushing the changes quicker through the queue for all clients. We are a global-oriented business with offices on diverse locations, including the United Kingdom, Israel, the United States and other territories across Europe. In addition we offer:
BridTV Support Services 24/7 – Our team is available to address any issues or answer any questions you might have 24 hours a day, any day of the week, regardless of Holidays, time of year, etc.
Specialist Developer Support – Before incorporating the BridTV CMS and video player, you should know that our services include highly detailed developer support. Discover more.

The Ultimate JW Player Alternative

Now, the truth is that while JW Player delivers on most fronts, there are other important things to take into account when you’re running a video-oriented business – be it large or small. One of the primary concerns that’s a top concern for every is ROI. To accomplish this, it’s very important to think about expenses, and in that regard, BridTV is an excellent place to start. You can also smoothen the transition process by relying on our BridTV Content Migration Service: Migrate from Brightcove, JW and Playwire.

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