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New Plan and Pricing Model via Brid.Tv
August 24, 2015
Make Money With
August 31, 2015

Introducing New Explainer Video

We are proud to present our new explainer video, which underlines all benefits of our platform, and all the good stuff that, as an enterprise-level free online video platform and player solution, has there for you.

Initialize ads

With the online world moving in the direction of HTML5, offers all the webmasters out there a robust and feature-rich turn-key solution to post their videos online and monetize on them the way they want to. Hell, we even offer you a chance to MAKE MONEY with us by joining BridTv partnership program (click it to see it)! How’s that for a change 🙂

Key Brid Video Features You Get For Free:

  • Pre-rolls
  • interactive HTML5 ads
  • all the latest mobile and desktop streaming formats
  • WordPress support
  • variety of skin options

Beside our FREE plan for those of you in search of speedy video delivery, our Enterprise plan delivers top-of-the-line encoding and video hosting along with other great features. Whether you are included in our Free or Enterprise plan, we can offer you a variety of skin options. Besides 33 official skins to choose, we will design cool player skins for you, tailor a player to your needs, create custom intro videos and more! All BridTV Player Skins are made in HTML5, do not use flash technology, and they have full responsive design support, so no matter on what device your viewers are watching your videos on, skin will resize appropriately.

Why is all this free?

We have one word for you: YouTube. With the online video space being the way it is today, our goal is to offer alternatives to webmasters. We are here to support a the little guys to fight for their place under the sun, amidst the heavy competition from huge corporations like Google and the likes.
We want to leave our mark on the online video industry and the only way to do that is to offer more stuff for free than the big guys. Are we crazy? Maybe, but, if this levels the playing field for all of us, our mission will be a success.

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