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February 14, 2014
Introducing the Brid Video Player
March 25, 2014

Introducing BridTV!

After over one year devotion and hard work, we are excited to introduce Brid video; our HTML5 Video Player and CMS platform. Our goal is simple. We give you a chance to get your videos published and monetized with just a few clicks. We offer HTML5 support and that means your videos and your player will be seen and heard on any device, anywhere.
Among some of our many services we provide publishers and advertisers a chance to work their way around ad blocking and ad block technologies. This is accomplished with ADIQ, which quite simply unblocks VAST & VPAID video ad revenue. That way a video will be seen on any desktop or mobile device.

BridTV as a White Label Solution

We have recently expanded our services by introducing the BridTV White-Label video platform solution. Our users can now achieve business growth more quickly thanks to this reliable end-to-end video SSP solution.
Some of the main benefits of Brid:

  • Get your own Brid video player up-and-running in seconds.
  • The Brid player is hosted and served by the powerful Amazon Cloudfront CDN.
  • Zero Maintenance: Your Video player is always up-to-date. No embed code changes will ever be needed to be done on your end.
  • Updates including bug-fixes and new platforms support are automatically deployed.
  • Updates are near-instantaneous for our global customers base.
  • Monitor your players usages in near real-time.
  • Track your video analytics with our powerful Google analytics integration system.
  • Integration in your web pages is done in just one embed code that we generate for you. Just copy and paste!
  • Already have a YouTube presence? No problem! Add YouTube videos directly into Brid and serve them through your own proprietary player!
  • Integration can be done by mere mortals, i.e. non-developers using our user-friendly CMS.
  • There are no integration costs, no deployment costs and no maintenance costs, the usual hidden costs of “free download solutions”.

Hope you give us a shot and tell us how you feel about the platform. You can give us a shout out on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter!
Brid Video Team