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October 9, 2019
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October 15, 2019

How to Increase Ad Revenue

increase ad revenue

How to increase profit of your online business? That’s a question many have asked. This is especially true of entrepreneurs, decision-making business owners and high-level marketers. Running an online business means you’re already garnering organic traffic. Once that task is done, however, you need to cash in on it, right? Countless brands, companies and businesses sought our advice on the matter. Turning a profit is one thing. Diversifying your income and ensuring a steady revenue stream is something else entirely. For example, if you generate income via standard online ads, there’s so much more you can do. You can increase ad revenue easily. Embedding a branded fully customizable HTML5 video player is one option. Utilizing additional ad formats can help a great deal in this regard. 

Video Advertising in 2019 and 2020

The video advertising scene in particular is incredibly complex these days. The year 2019 has generally been hailed as ‘the year of OTT’ and VOD, and the same projections are given for 2020. In other words, publishers and advertisers have to work their way through a crowded market. No matter how you spin it, any reasonably successful endeavor these days most likely involves video. Seeking the right solution can monetize your site effectively and safely. As a web publisher you can seize control of the future with the right tools and the right video tech, you are surely going to power through any challenges that await you for 2020

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Increase Ad Revenue and Optimize Ad Performance 

The easiest and fastest way to improve or boost your ad revenue is to keep a watchful eye on how your creatives/videos are performing. Our in-house video technology allows you to track all of your videos accurately. Have a look at some of the key features below:

Impressions and Ad requests Per Video Ad 
The publisher can see both impressions and ad requests per video ad, which is extremely valuable data when you’re look for feedback on some of your particular creatives. 

Ad Slots  
Knowing precisely how your ads perform per ad slot is one of the most important aspects of ad analytics. With BridTV analytics ‘per ad slot’ data, you can keep track of the following: 

  • Pre-roll metrics: the most practical ad solution of all – pre-roll – runs ads before desired video content kicks off. Users hasn’t yet viewed the desired video, which no viewers lost. This is a top solution if you’re looking to improve brand awareness, and indeed increase ad revenue even more. 
  • Mid-roll metrics: according to our data, mid-roll ads have excellent completion rate – in most cases almost as much as post-roll. The user isn’t bothered by the ad. The latest ad matching tech often ensures that the creative is something the user is interested in. Also, the desired video content has yet to be watched, so again, solid completion rates. 
  • Post-roll metrics: with post-roll video campaigns you are likely to see awesome results if your branded video content has a call-to-action and a post-roll ad can delivery method. 
  • Overlay metrics: overlay ads cover the bottom 20% of the video they run in. These are ideal for narrow down your target audience for specific products or brands.
  • Banner metrics: linear and non-linear ad data (ads shown outside of the video player) is mighty helpful and it goes in line with advanced features such as content targeting.  

Ad Analytics More Advanced Than Ever Before 

Incorporating BridTV analytics into your business plan and ad tech unlocks a tremendous amount of features. The system includes options such as tracking stats & behavior per video, tracking playlist performance, detailed analytics per player, bandwidth consumption data, outstream performance and so much more (check out more info about video analytics and useability).