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March 12, 2015
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April 29, 2015

In Twitter Player Display and Playback

It’s official!
BridTv now enables you to embed your videos in a tweet via Twitter Player Cards and TWEET your video worldwide. Embracing your new BridTv social sharing option, you can play and share your video inside of Twitter, all you have to do is grab the easy share link from any Brid player and paste it to Twitter! Easy as that! This social sharing innovation, and the fact that we are a free online video platform, can give you a great chance to expand your video horizons, offering you one new opportunity to share your content and engage your audience.
Premium plan users get this feature out of the box, as all our social video assets are under the secure protocol. With our video platform, you get the chance to social share your video content and give your viewers a unique and quality video experience inside Twitter itself. The biggest advantage you may get embracing this new BridTv opportunity is direct, immediate, and measurable feedback from your potential audience, and usable data on consumer acceptance, as they will actively tweet about company products. And yes, with our Free Online video platform you can show around your uniqueness by selecting one of many professionally designed skins we provide.
We suggest you to use wisely your 140 character increments on Twitter and by sharing your video via BridTv, grab the chance that is being presented to you and interact with your public, as tweets can generate buzz about company videos, driving business prospects to a website.
See our player in action on Twitter!