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March 25, 2016
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How Important Is Video For Your Digital Strategy? (Part II)

As promised, here is the second part of our two-part series blog post that highlights the importance of video content in one’s digital marketing strategy. Read about the opinions and the experiences of our marketing/advertising community members regarding video content and its influence in their business. See how they answered the following questions:

  • How important is video today for their digital strategy?
  • How do they use it to promote their business?
  • Do they include FaceBook native video, YouTube channel and/or independent video platform?
  • And do they take notice of their mobile visitors?

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Nicole CulverFounder of  Blissful Eats Snack Company, Twitter
I use video to promote my podcast episodes – mainly Facebook native video. The reach is a lot better than on all of my other posts. I also make recipe videos as well. I do promo videos to get people excited for my guests and quote videos to highlight a great part of the interview.

Tammy Cannon, Cannon Social Media, Twitter
The number one reason to use video as a digital strategy is it helps potential fans, followers and customers get to know you and your brand on a more personal level. People get to see the environment and nature of the brand through video. I use video to round out my content by posting helpful tutorials on YouTube. I’ve even started using Periscope, a live streaming app, and posting those videos to YouTube as well. The use of video also closes the nurturing gap between people who will eventually purchase or become a brand ambassador for you, and the stagnant follower who doesn’t engage.

Thomas Wooldridge, consultant at Relamark.com
You have to look at the evolution of Mobile phone industry to understand why Video is more popular than ever. Initially, the cell phone plans were all about the minutes being used. Now it’s all about how much data is being consumed. 5G Cell Phone networks are coming and this will have a tremendous impact on how much more data will be consumed. It will be faster and users will want to consume media quickly. The best medium to accomplish this is delivering the content with video.

Narek Safaryan, CEO and founder of RenderForest,
One of the easiest ways to convey information quickly and efficiently is with a video. Pictures are nice for decoration and quick ideas, but everyone from  Google to Microsoft  are embracing videos as a direct method to convey a new service or product. And the reason is simple: video taps into more senses that any other kind of current marketing resources. Visual cues and audible information allows the watcher to process more, and when more is processed, time is saved and impressions  are left. Renderforest helps easier make your own videos quickly, and with a large amount of creative tools and options. But video offers even more than just efficient information. Taking into account only Youtube, the numbers convey a pretty picture. YouTube has more than 4 billion views per day. It ranks as the second most popular search engine and the third most visited website in the world behind Google and Facebook according to Alexa.com. nearly 80 percent of people watch at least one video on Youtube per week and half of those watchers say they are more likely to trust in online video advertisement. Managing customer complaints, call centers, analytics and search engine optimization are all time consuming and potentially expensive ventures. Video can help reduce the reliance on these needs. Finally, video making is easier than ever before. Taking video, or even incorporating company approved photos and images into detailed and professional slideshows is something that is now available to everyone at a much lower rate than even one year ago. There are a multitude of sites that will help you create the exact video you want to reach your customers using the resources you already have. No need to hire an extra person, or pay to preview what can be offered: most of these sites are built for user friendliness, and come with free options to see what your work looks like before deciding on a HD option. Best of all, they can be created in minutes. Internet speeds are increasing, and internet availability is everywhere. Video is the new cutting edge in marketing and it has never been easier to create your own on a low budget. Get out there and create!

Chris Post, CEO & Founder of  Post Modern Marketing, Twitter
Video in digital marketing strategy: As text is becoming more and more saturated, there’s a higher demand for visual forms of content, according to Forbes and other trustful sources. What’s more, rumor has it that Google will soon introduce video ads in search results. To answer your question, Post Modern Marketing is taking video very seriously. We’ll soon launch our new website where video will play an important part of our branding strategy. Also, we’ll be experimenting with Wistia, a professional video hosting tool, allowing us to score better in search results. What our Facebook page is concerned, we’re considering uploading native videos to keep our user base on this platform. Moreover, we’ll be uploading videos on YouTube for branding purposes. (contact info in my HARO bio, but just in case: Chris Post, CEO & Founder, Post Modern Marketing, www.postmm.com, Blog & Social all linked on website). Thanks!

Jacob Spikes, SEO & Social Strategist at Appleton Creative,
From the viewer’s perspective, watching is easier than reading. Videos stimulate a different part of the brain and are processed 60,000 faster than text. They’re also able to instill confidence in the viewer, as consumers feel they have a better understanding of the company, product or service after watching a video. From the brand’s perspective, there are unlimited possibilities for creativity and persuasion in videos. They’re able to show and tell customers the information exactly as they want it received. Everything from the voiceover talent to the colors you see during the video is premeditated and strategically selected. We’ve been using video for nearly 30 years. It is an integral part of our business and (as a video production company and advertising agency) it’s something we recommend to our clients as a tool for them to achieve their marketing goals. We use video to explain our business process and showcase our company culture, both as full-screen displays on our website. Additionally, we live stream interesting events, activities and content to Facebook Live and Periscope. Lastly, we post our portfolio pieces to YouTube. We use Facebook native video for events that make sense to our Facebook audience (not every event is). We use YouTube for things people may want to refer back to and Wistia to host the videos embedded in our website.