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2016 Social Media Image Sizes Cheat Sheet (Infographic)
May 17, 2016
Google Launches Mobile Friendly Testing Tool
May 20, 2016

The Importance Of Video Content In Every Retailer’s Marketing Strategy in 2016 (Part III)

In the past two posts, we have described the essential element of every retailer’s video marketing strategy and listed the types of video content you could use for your website as a part of it. That was more than enough when it comes to theory, now let’s talk about practice.
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A  Variety Of Video Content Options For Retailers With BridTV  Video Player

Video content needs to be engaging, entertaining, and first of all a quality one, accessible all the time, everywhere on any device. With our latest update, we have come up with new ways to improve video experience for your viewers:

  • Use BridTV player with autoplay 50% in view feature. Don’t waste your bandwidth on auto-play videos, as you can use BridTV player with autoplay 50% in view feature. This setting will allow the player to auto-play only when the BridTV video player is at least 50% in view for a user. Once a user scrolls away from the player and less than 50% of the player is visible the player will pause.
  • Use Brid’s playlist widget. This is a new type of widget which takes in a user created playlist and displays them in a different manner.The widget is made to be responsive so it is mobile-friendly and also has a different, more touch-friendly user interface when rendered on mobile.
  • Use BRID.TV outstream unit, an innovative format which positions video advertising in the center of editorial content. The format launches when in view on the screen, pausing when less than 50% visible and merging seamlessly back into the page once the view has been completed. This format is accessible to run across all devices.
  • The slide in-view feature gives publishers a way to maximize their premium ad inventory as the player always maintains viewability.The slide in-view player will render as any other player on your web page wherever you embed it.Once a user presses play on the player, content (ad) playback will start. If the user starts scrolling away from your video player be it up or down your webpage, the slide in-view player will stick to the top left or top right of your site maintaining viewability of your ad or video inventory.

All of these tips, features, tech improvements we have talked about in our three-part series blog post have one clear goal to get retailer’s video to convert better. The task of creating and promoting a video content can be overwhelming, but if you have a clear strategy and a good partner that you can work with to achieve your goals, everything could  pay off eventually. BridTV will continue working on improving our video options, and will continue to expand our offer based on the needs of our client.

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