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The Importance Of Video Content In Every Retailer’s Marketing Strategy in 2016 (Part I)
May 11, 2016
2016 Social Media Image Sizes Cheat Sheet (Infographic)
May 17, 2016

The Importance Of Video Content In Every Retailer’s Marketing Strategy in 2016 (Part II)

As we have mentioned in our previous post, 2015 was the year of explainer and product feature videos for retailers. We are still waiting to see what will be the outcome in 2016, meanwhile here are several types of video content you could use for your website as a part of your video marketing strategy.
There are several types of #videocontent you could use for your website as a part of your #retailer's #marketingstrategy Click To Tweet

Testimonial Videos

With Testimonial videos potential customers are being presented with the service of the company by listening to other people’s opinions about the company. The greatest benefit of testimonial videos is that comments of other people can make shoppers feel more comfortable buying from you.

Product Videos

Product videos can help people learn more about the product and their characteristics. You can demonstrate the product, show product details of it, and give an explanation on how to use  it. By showing your potential shoppers what they gain when buying your product, you have the chance of directly affecting their buying decisions. This type of videos can help increase sales.

“How To” & Expert Advice Videos

Those video formats provide the customers with some additional advice about how to use a product. It’s often focused on one thing that the usage of that product covers. That kind of video covers the expert advice on how to use products. They are well ranked because people often ask these type of questions or google it for the answer.

Product Review Videos

This type of videos can be very effective as they represent your own review of the product. In this kind of video, you need to list what is good and what is not about your product, and by doing that you can gain trust and credibility of your audience.

Your Videos Should Be Hosted On Your Own Site With A Third Party Video Hosting Services

It’s  proven that videos that appear in the search results of search engine sites hosted on the web page are positioned as the most dominant element of a product page. When using video on your product pages, it’s advisable to make it the focus of the page. One more thing that affects the video search results is the using third party video hosting services .
Third using third party video hosting services improves the ranking of your website. Embedding your video content to your homepage, blog, and to your landing pages will help with SEO and encourage prospective customers to convert. The most important advantages include additional backlink and shared content options and custom SEO embed code which influences your own site.

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