Migrate All Videos From YouTube to Brid.TV Seamlessly
Brid.TV Platform Update 5.9.7.
Brid.TV 5.9.7. Platform Update — Bug Fixes and Platform Maintenance
December 23, 2021
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January 5, 2022

Import Your Entire YouTube Library to Brid.TV Easily

Migrate All Videos From YouTube to Brid.TV Seamlessly

Our latest platform update introduced multiple improvements to our platform and several bug fixes. But there is one change publishers will love the most as it enhances the migration process. Following our platform update, you can now migrate all videos from YouTube to Brid.TV seamlessly!

Bring All YouTube Videos to Brid.TV Easily

That’s right! Your entire YouTube Library can be imported to Brid.TV’s platform in a few, easy steps. Don’t worry if you have several, 50, or more videos on your YouTube channel — our advanced platform can house all of them!

Migrating your entire YouTube library to Brid.TV doesn’t require any technical know-how. The whole process is finished before you can say “when.” Once migration is completed, you can start showing off your content to viewers and monetizing it with our extensive options.

How can you import all YouTube videos to Brid.TV in one go? The process is pretty straightforward:

  1. Contact your Brid.TV account manager to enable the option
  1. Create an account or log in to the existing one on Google Cloud Platform
  1. Log in to Google Developers Console
  1. After you access the dashboard, click “Create Project”
  1. Give a name to your project and click “Create”
  1. On the new page, navigate to “Enable APIs and Services”
  1. Press “YouTube” in the list of categories and select “YouTube Data API v3”
  1. Enable the API on the following page
  1. Click on “Create Credentials”
  1. Select “YouTube Data API v3” and “Public Data”
  1. Copy the API key which will be generated after you click “Next”
  1. Go to our CMS and access your account
  1. Click on your website and go to settings
  1. Scroll down to “GCP Credentials,” paste the API key, and save the changes
  1. To migrate your YouTube videos, copy the link to your YouTube channel
  1. Return to our CMS, navigate to the “Videos” section, and click on “Ingest Channel”
  1. Paste your YouTube channel URL and add videos you want to migrate to our platform

And that’s it! Your videos will be imported from YouTube to Brid.TV and you can deliver and monetize them! Do you have any questions regarding our newest feature or need help with anything? Feel free to contact us at any time!

The Brid.TV Team