IAB Is Working On Ways To Help Publishers Fight Ad Blocking
by | Oct 2, 2015 | Video Industry News | No Comments

IAB announced the creation of a working group and an online hub to help publishers deal with ad blocking from their sites. Cunningham, the general manager IAB’s Technology Lab, stated ad blocking is holding small publishers sites in hostage, making them impossible to progress. There is a possibility IAB might sue ad-blocking companies, but for now the IAB is working to help publishers by educating and informing their users about ad blocking and how to prevent it. IAB suggests that the first step toward communicating with users is identifying users of blockers. Afterwords, IAB suggested a few options, publishers might ask their users to turn off ad-blockers or they might ask users to subscribe to a newsletter (larger publishers might ask people to pay to subscribe). Ad blocking  has become a big issue since Apple started supporting mobile ad-blockers with its iOS 9 release.

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