HTML5 Video Player Solution for Video Monetization

HTML5 Video Player Solution

Empower your online business with a super-fast, intuitive and feature-rich HTML5 video player solution.

Ad-Supported Video Player

VAST/VPAID support - VAST 2, 3 and 4 and VPAID 2.0 and 3.0

Pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll, overlay, display banner support

Google IMA SDK integration

Ad GEO targeting

Unlimited Ad Tag waterfall

Ad Inspector  Stream Tester  Event Inspector

Native Video Playback (HLS, MPEG-DASH)

BridTV offers support for multiple video formats (H.264 mp4 container). Our Video Player features HLS support for HTML5 desktop, mobile browsers (Android and iOS support). You can also utilize MPEG-DASH standard for streaming content across multiple devices.

Feature-Rich Video Player

Async load
Featuring async load, the BridTV video player is lightweight and fast, with impressive load times and impeccable functionality.
Dynamic Playlists
Choose between user-created playlists or start implementing dynamic playlists like latest video feed, video playlist by tag and video playlist by channel.
Roku and FireTV Integration
Use flexible and streamlined video player tech, which offers Roku and Fire TV integration via MRSS feeds.
Social share options
Extend your reach with embed codes, link sharing, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, WhatsApp and more.
Customizable skins
Customizable skins represent yet another integral part of our flexible video player. Tailor your video player to suit the layout of each and every one of your websites.

Extensive Javascript API

Developers can gain access to the Brid Player JavaScript API, in addition to the Brid Player Developer Guide, which offers detailed info on every aspect of our video technology.


REACT Component

The fundamental architecture of the BridTV Video Player has been strengthened with the React Brid Player component. Improve your development process and iron out your custom projects.


Live Streaming and DVR

Easily broadcast your live events around the world using BridTV Live Stream (Telestream Wirecast), Mobile Live Stream, DVR functionality (you can significantly increase interactivity with live video content).


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