HTML5 Video Player Comparison
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HTML5 Video Player Comparison

April 2017 update: In past few years online video player industry has come a long way. Nowadays hardly any business can go without the use of video content and online video player of any kind. With worldwide mobile internet use surpassing desktop for the first time ever in November last year and huge popularity of LIVE VIDEO STREAMING, marked as one of the top digital marketing trends for 2017, it’s easy to see where the online video industry is heading.

There’s a lot to consider when choosing an online video player. Delivering video across all major desktop and mobile platforms, with full support for HD and live streaming HLS and MPEG-DASH protocols at the same time is not an easy task. In a fast-paced and fast-changing industry, such as online video, making the right choice with video player you’ll be using can be crucial for your business. We can help in that regard.

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In our constant effort to provide unique features to our publishers no other video player has, we’ve scale the web to show you where our player fits in a violent but rewarding world of online video players.

We’ve reviewed and compared dozen of top HTML5 Video Players available on the net today so you don’t have to. Each player and platform behind it were reviewed with the same criteria: mobile platforms usability and compatibility, live streaming support, AdBlocking management, reporting and support, customization, Integration/API, VAST and VPAID Compatibility, out-of-the-box features and finally price.

HTML5 Video Player Comparison Table

HTML5 Video Player Comparison Table

A Video Player is Only As Good As the Video Platform Behind It

As informative as they are, you’ll hardly know which player is the best fit for your business, big or small, just by looking at the tech stats. You see, a video player is only good as the video platform behind it.

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Basically a video platform should cover all your video needs. It should allow you to host videos if you want, encode and stream videos, manage content (add, remove, publish, unpublished, share, embed etc.), customize player to match your brand, track engagement through video analytics, serve ads and monetize your video content. Most of the listed players/platforms do that. What separates them, however, are unique features they have and price tag they carry.

What Makes BridTV A Unique Video Player / Platform In 2017?

Where do we begin? How about the ability to autoplay VPAID 2.0 creatives on mobile devices and in-page on iOS that was not possible up until now. Or our proprietary ad de-blocking tech AdIQ that helps small businesses and large enterprises ensure their video ad content is seen on any desktop or mobile device.

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We can help you transform your website into a live video streaming platform as well with support for both HLS and MPEG-DASH protocols allowing you to capture your audience with the Highest Quality LIVE video streaming.

In addition to AMP video player support, the Brid video player is keeping up with the trends by adding Facebook Instant Article embed code support out of the box for all! Giving our publishers a unique opportunity to deliver their videos faster to FBIA than before with possibility of branding their product/service additionally.

With viewability and mobile being key factors already BridTV is evolving together with the market. We are already VAST 3 and VPAID 2 compatible and in the following weeks you can expect VAST 4 compatibility as well.

Finally, there is the question of your budget and pricing. Not everyone can afford an enterprise level platform. Not every business needs one. We’re not offering the middle ground here but top performing video player and platform for a fraction of the price you are paying now!

Exciting Times Are Ahead

Creating high quality engaging video is expensive. In order to continue creating videos at the same level of quality, most publishers are looking for a way to monetize their video content outside of free services such as YouTube. Third-party white label video hosts much like BridTV video platform lets you integrate your inventory in ways that YouTube does not, offering you a chance to earn additional revenue with the same video content.

Simply put a paid platform grants a more controlled environment where you can maximize your revenue without worrying about any changes in content policy that might suddenly affect your business.

With plenty of opportunities on the market, everyone needs a video player.

Which one will you choose is up to you.

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