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June 11, 2015
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June 19, 2015

How to Create Effective Pre-Roll Video Ads

Pre-roll video ads are the second most irritating form of online advertising behind the dreadful pop up. I know I have, and I guess you did too, skip, tone mute or simply turned off a page due to one of those annoying pre-rolls, so the latest info that pre-rolls have a 94% skip rate and miserable overall approval of 20% comes as no surprise to me. What does come as surprise is that advertisers are neglecting the simple truth about pre-rolls: they are/can be fun, informative and/or entertaining, and can be great for raising awareness, brand recognition, driving traffic, and engaging your audience in a rather precise and measurable way … if done right of course 🙂 What are you doing wrong!? Or what should you be doing to do it right!?
You need to remember that pre-rolls are unwanted, so if you want your potential customers to watch them, you need to make them wanted. Click To Tweet
Target  your audience
First off all, know your audience and target it properly. You might have already thought of demographics, location, categories and topics, interests, placements, and keywords. Also, think of ad’s positioning, tone, video and audio quality, and finally content and message relevancy to the context in which it’s going to be viewed. A well thought-out targeting strategy often is a key factor of a successful campaign.
Make your pre-rolls short but effective
The most effective pre-rolls now days are between 5 and 15 seconds long. Largely thanks to the apps like Snap chat and Vine that made 5-second format video popular, advertisers have accepted it and so should you. In an environment where everything is just a click away, large TV-like video ads are out of date, time-consuming and irritating. Within such a short time, you need to offer some interactivity or at least some call-to-actions that will evoke engagement – and that requires creativity.
Create engaging pre-roll ads
While creating a pre-roll, you need to remember that pre-rolls are unwanted. So if you want your potential customers to watch them, you need to make them wanted. Advertising experts use various methods to challenge viewers expected skipping behaviour. For example, they utilize a shock factor to surprise the viewer and that way grab and hold their attention. Sometimes all an ad needs is an entertainment value, to be funny, interesting, to tell your viewers something they might actually care about. If your ad was not led by a real creative idea you need to mention the product within the first 5 unskippable seconds.
Overpopulated market with average ideas behind annoying pre-roll ads we all see is keeping these forms of ads out of advertisers portfolios. But a well-tailored, interesting, concept-led ad created to be shown precisely where intended and to whom you need it to be shown is a powerful tool that will increase your targeted action.
After you have created an effective pre-roll, here’s where Brid comes along to help you when it comes to setting up your pre-rolls. online video player offers our partners monetization options for your videos, which enables you to monetize your original videos via by landing pre-rolls (and mid-roll, post-roll ads, and overlays). Furthermore, even if you have your Youtube channel, using Online Video Player, you can embed your YouTube videos on your site, and generate additional video revenue on top of your existing, adding pre-roll ads. Additional monetization of YouTube videos is done via Brid’s intro video feature. With this feature enabled, publishers are able to add pre-rolls that will display before an intro video and thusly before any YouTube video.

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