How to Build Customer Loyalty Using Video: Four Effective Strategies
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How to Build Customer Loyalty Using Video: Four Strategies That Work

Building Customer Loyalty

The way brands interact with their customers has significantly changed over the years. Today, the preferred medium in marketing is video as it establishes a more personal connection with consumers. Plus, video is what customers react to the best. In fact, 68% of consumers would rather watch videos to learn about new products or services than see articles, infographics, or presentations from brands.

That is why we’re seeing an increase in video usage from companies. In 2021, 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool. Announcing new product launches, live streaming events, doing Q&A sessions, and making tutorials, companies are using the full power of videos to engage their audiences. And customers are willing to watch this content type. In fact, one survey shows that people watch an average of 2.5 hours of online video per day in 2021.

With this in mind, it’s obvious that videos can help you achieve various marketing goals. From encouraging engagement and driving sales to increasing brand awareness and educating followers, videos can do it all. Most importantly, this medium can inspire loyalty.

In this article, we’ll guide you through how to build customer loyalty using video. Loyal customers will choose your products or services over other companies’ and spread a positive word of mouth that will attract new consumers to you.

Tips on How to Build Customer Loyalty

Video is a type of content that has grown in popularity over the past few years. It drives brand engagement and inspires brand loyalty. This medium has become particularly useful during the COVID-19 pandemic as people are spending more time online. So, it’s high time to develop a video marketing strategy for your brand.

According to one study, video consumption has increased up to 60% globally, proving how effective this content type is. The audience is there and willing to tune into engaging videos. We recommend that you jump on the bandwagon and bring customers closer to your brand! And here’s how to build customer loyalty using videos.

Leverage Videos to Engage and Acquire Potential Customers

Before video became the preferred medium in marketing, brands faced a difficult task of acquiring new customers through the use of less interactive content types. We say “difficult” because certain mediums couldn’t hold customers’ attention for too long. And with our attention span decreasing, companies have had to find a medium that hooks and engages audiences for as long as they need to convey a certain message.

Video has proven to be the perfect medium for this. It is exactly what you need to acquire customers. Once you do, you can leverage videos to build a loyal base of consumers who purchase your products or services. As 80% of marketers say that video content drives sales, customers who buy from your brand will likely become loyal in the end. And that’s what you need as you’re wondering how to build customer loyalty using videos!

What’s more, using videos to generate new leads and attract new customers can establish a strong relationship between your brand and those consumers. One that is built on trust and loyalty. In short, here’s what videos can achieve for you:

  • Establish trust between the customer and your brand
  • Showcase your values and commitment
  • Demonstrate how your brand can solve a certain problem
  • Communicate why your products or services match customers’ needs

All of this will engage your potential customers. On top of that, it will show them that your brand can add value to their lives, removing a particular issue they face.

Use Videos to Onboard New Customers

Let’s say you launched a video marketing campaign that succeeded at acquiring new customers, thus increasing sales for your brand. That doesn’t mean your job is done — it has only begun. Why? Because you now need to welcome those customers aboard. They should know how to get the most out of your products or services, which will prove to them that they didn’t make a mistake when they chose your brand over other competitors.

This is where videos come into play. After all, what better way to onboard new customers than by showing them everything they need to know? Rather than writing extensive guides or blog posts, you should focus on creating a series of videos that get to the point and answer any questions your new customers might have. Most marketers rely on this tip on how to build customer loyalty using videos when developing their strategy.

By going through a proper onboarding process, your customers are going to connect with your brand in no time. Make videos that explain all the good sides of your products or services and your customers will return to your business over and over again!

Make Videos to Educate Your Customers

Once you acquire new customers and increase sales, your company’s focus will shift to another goal — ensuring those customers keep using and loving your products or services. Your video production team should, thus, create videos that educate viewers and explain all the perks that come with your goods.

Educational and explainer videos are quite popular on the internet. In fact, 96% of people have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service, becoming returning customers because of it.

In addition, educating your customers will achieve the following:

  1. They will learn how they can unlock the full potential of your goods, therefore becoming even more loyal.
  2. They will understand that you have authority in the industry. As a result, they will respect your brand and connect with you in a deeper way.

Making these educational videos can also help you persuade uncertain customers to purchase something from you. After all, 84% of people say that they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video. Some of the video types you can create to convince people to purchase from you are:

  • Tutorials
  • Product reviews
  • Unboxings
  • How-tos

As you’ll see if you incorporate it into your video marketing strategy, educational content is quite effective. In fact, educational content makes consumers 131% more likely to buy because of it.

Rely on Videos to Support Your Customers

You probably know that everything impacts the customer journey. This includes the support you offer when certain issues arise or things change. According to one research, 69% of customers who have a positive experience with the service they receive from a brand would recommend the company to others. Also, 75% of customers would return to a company if it provides excellent customer service. And you can use videos to elevate the whole experience!

Consider making a product video when you add a new feature or changes. Your customers will be grateful! Additionally, you can even send a personalized video to a customer experiencing problems instead of forwarding a text-based explanation. No one likes to read long emails, but people will usually set aside some time to watch a visual guide.

Build Brand Loyalty in No Time

Leveraging the power of video to improve customers’ journeys with your brand is a successful way to ensure they remain loyal. Those consumers who are satisfied with your service will likely become your advocates in the end.

From acquiring new customers to onboarding them, then providing education and outstanding service, video can really do it all. And by implementing this content type into your marketing strategy, you’ll see great results in no time!