How To Brand Your Brid Player
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There are lots of things you need to take in consideration when publishing your video content. One of these is that you only get one chance to make a memorable and unforgettable first impression and successfully brand your product. Products interact with its consumer audience through design, logo, and messaging. If done well, product branding can provide a long term connection throughout the life of the product.  Many companies nowadays have their creative teams working together in branding it’s video product. 

With our Branded player solution online video player has got you covered when it comes to offering your consumers a unique video experience, something to remember you by, and for free! A simple logo insertion into your player is a great way to easily brand your video player, attract viewers, and drive traffic to your website.

See how your branded player can look like below!

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How to add a logo to your player

To create a BRANDED PLAYER for your site, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to your PLAYERS section in Brid.
  2. Select any of your players by clicking on its title.
  3. Select the SETTINGS tab.brid tv player
  4. Upload your logo to our CMS.
  5. Go to the LOGO-CLICK THROUGH URL box and enter a click-through URL if needed.player
  6. Press SAVE.

If you choose to Brand your player by adding your logo, here are the following configurable properties:

  • You can use a JPG, PNG or GIF image as a watermark (e.g. /assets/logo.png). We recommend using 24 bit PNG images with transparency, since they meld nicely with the video.
  • Add an HTTP URL which will load when your watermark image is clicked. If this is not set, a click on the watermark will not do anything.

This feature does not affect the video file itself. After following the above procedure, you can choose from a selection of positions where you wish your logo to appear in the player.


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