Start something more than video! – Veeps
July 22, 2014
Your HTML5 video player – As seen on BridTV
August 13, 2014

Online Video Platform users – how much do you pay?

Wistia, JW Player, Flowplayer, Vzaar, Vimeo and “the other video platform guys”  – how much is enough?

We do it like this:

With our publisher plan – you get the player and the whole platform – for free! This unlimited plan includes video hosting and encoding as well – you can forget about any additional costs, obligations and limits – Our ad revenue share model is designed to provide the best value in the industry.
—-HTML 5 player with Flash fallback
– Powerful JavaScript API
– VAST and VPAID support
– 33+ professionally designed skins
– Intelligent site skinning
– Responsive sizing
– Social sharing options
– VEEPS voip/chat player plugin (exclusive)
—-Full content management solution
– Google powered analytics
– YouTube syndication
– Dynamic playlist support
– Custom playlist support
—-Hosting and encoding
– Use any hosting provider and encoding service you choose for your videos and leave the rest to us
—-Unlimited Amazon Cloudfront CDN video hosting
Best in class video delivery network
– Low latency and high data transfer speeds guaranteed
– No bandwidth restrictions
– No extra bandwidth costs. When we say it’s free we mean it
—- Unlimited video encoding
– Virtually all formats supported with the fastest turnaround times
– Optimized playback across all Android, iOS and web platforms – your videos will work everywhere
– HD video renditions supported
– No file duration restrictions

Vzaar claims that they are a great alternative to Brightcove, Kaltura, Wistia, Viddler  and Vimeo because they are more affordable and they offer more bandwidth, better support, customizable online video player / video platform and high quality videos – they might be right but, well, have you seen our plans?