How Many Websites Are Using Google Analytics?
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Yesterday, Google was celebrating the 10th birthday of Google Analytics, created in early 2005. After a decade from it’s “birthday”, Google Analytics become the leader in website analytics installations. You must be wondering how many websites are using Google Analytics today? Back In 2012, then-Chief Business Officer Nikesh Arora said more than 10 million websites were using Google Analytics. Google hasn’t provided the latest updated count. Nowadays there are few other sources that provide estimates. According to BuiltWith, 29.3 million websites are using Google Analytics, which is 8.4 %of the 348 million websites tracked in its database.  W3Techs stats show 52.9 %  of all websites on the internet are using Google Analytics. That is 10X more Yandex Metrics, the second next most popular analytics option. Due to these figures, we can safely say Google Analytics is still the most popular web analytics software in use today.   

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