Header Bidding, Why Use Prebid and How it Works
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March 25, 2019
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Prebid Integration: How Does Header Bidding Work?

Enhancing Video Monetization With Prebid

In the world of video monetization, staying ahead of the competition is never easy. Luckily, you can always upgrade your business model, albeit that can be a potentially overwhelming task for most business owners. So, you have decided to make the most out of your organic traffic and you wish to monetize video content. Well, Prebid is an ideal way to do that. You can set up a feature-rich video player and CMS, so you can monetize properly and then sit back and watch while your business experiences growth. There are several extremely effective techniques that allow you to do so, and header bidding is one of them.

Prebid and Header Bidding Explained

This particular technique has one major advantage over other monetization solutions. To put it as simply as possible, it’s a technique that involves running SSP and ad exchange code directly on a web site. After that, the publishers get bids on their inventory that could otherwise be unavailable via their primary ad server. Next, the returned bids pass into the ad server, thus competing with direct demand and the primary ad exchange on an even playing field so to speak.
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In short, all you need for header bidding to function is a bit of JavaScript placed in the header of your web site or page that triggers buyers to bid on advertising. When the end user clicks through to a website, the header tag requests multiple ad networks, which then place their bids, and then, the winning bid heads to the publisher’s ad server. And presto: done.

Okay, that’s the simplified explanation. However, as of late, we have been getting lots and lots of questions from our readers, publishers and active clients, which is why we created this handy image/infographic (courtesy of our in-house marketing team). In short, this is how header bidding works, when integrated into your on-site video monetization system, along with BridTV technology:

Top 3 Advantages of Prebid and Header Bidding

Now we have a clear idea of how the system of header bidding works, we should take a quick look at some of the main advantages of integrating Prebid via the BridTV into your web site / page:

  1. Monetization Improvement: with Brid Video player bidding you get connected to video inventory directly to demand sources, thus boosting monetization of your video inventory.
  2. One-Click Integration: activated through the BridTV interface, this integration requires no additional code or developer resources.
  3. Top-Level Inventory: thanks to Prebid tech and SpotX, publishers can rely on the BridTV player network to gain access to top-level inventory.

Of course, there are other advantages of this system, including quick and easy implementation, the fact that you’re working with open source tech (i.e. code is open for reviewing), and so much more.

To get some extra info about Prebid and Header Bidding, check out our previous blog update regarding our in-house Native Prebid Video Player.