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May 19, 2016
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Google Launches Mobile Friendly Testing Tool

Google has finally launched a new mobile friendly testing tool. The company has increased the mobile friendly ranking factor, as the consumption of digital content on mobile devices is only increasing. They have announced changes in a mobile friendly ranking factor for the upcoming period and have kept its promise. Changes will not harm already mobile friendly sites but others should use this tool to see if their pages are prepared.
This tool is accessible for all the users at Google Search Console. It’s also available at Google’s Mobile Usability Report where you can find out more about how to make your site more mobile friendly. It’s all about the interest of webmasters to make their sites more mobile friendly so they can attract more mobile visitors to their site and offer them a quality mobile experience. These Google changes are aimed to convince the webmaster to provide for their websites with the ability to load fast, easy navigation and excellent readability and usability on the mobile devices.
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If you want to learn more about the benefits of Mobile Friendly Testing Tool go to the Google help page to read more about it. “The Mobile Friendly test tool is very easy to use; simply type in the full URL of the web page that you want to test. The test typically takes less than a minute to run,” it’s been stated on the official Google support page.
The outcome is that if you have a site that is not mobile-friendly you will notice that it’s Google search referrals will go down, but if you site is a mobile-friendly it will be better ranked. For instance , if you have two sites that are equally ranked and targeted for the same query,  the site who is more mobile friendly will be ranked higher than before, and the site who is not will go down on the Google rank list.
We’d like to remind you that Brid.Tv player has adopted the AMP support.  Accelerated Mobile Pages support is aimed to dramatically improve the performance of the mobile web. And that is not all, AMP compatible players and web pages will see some SEO benefits with the Google search engine. So, if you want your viewers to have a quality mobile video experience, give Brit.Tv a try.