Google Is Replacing Its SPM Program With a New MCM Module
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Google Announces a New MCM Module to Replace Its Existing SPM Program Starting July 2021

Google MCM

Google has recently announced that it’s replacing its Scaled Partner Management (SPM) program with a new Multiple Customer Management (MCM) module for GAM users, starting July 2021.

Over the last few years, the digital advertising industry has undergone significant changes to improve privacy, quality, and transparency, and Google has been at the forefront of these innovations.

The tech giant is once again leading the charge toward a better future for the industry with its recently announced plan to switch from the Scaled Partner Management (SPM) program to a brand-new Multiple Customer Management (MCM) module for its GAM users. 

What Is Scaled Partner Management (SPM) Program

Google’s Scaled Partner Management (SPM) program is one of the available methods small publishers can access Google Ad Exchange. Due to Google ADX’s steep requirements in monthly advertising impressions, smaller publishers may have issues getting an account set up.

That is where the SPM program comes into play — small publishers can partner with other larger publishers and use their ADX accounts for their needs. Google SPM lets these publishing partners handle all inventory management and optimization on behalf of so-called child publishers. This benefit lets publishers ineligible for a Google ADX account take advantage of Google’s premium ad inventory.

What Is Multiple Customer Management (MCM) Program

Multiple Customer Management (MCM) program is Google’s way of adapting to the current market’s needs. MCM is being introduced to help publishers increase transparency with their publishing partners and exercise more control over their creatives. Once again, Google has proven worthy of its title as an industry leader, thanks to its publisher-first mentality.

“MCM is a part of Google’s broader initiative to help clean up the industry by eliminating spam and increasing the amount of high-quality traffic flowing to the advertisers.”


When MCM goes live, transitioning to it will be a seamless and smooth process with minimal involvement from publishers. However, publishers should pay attention to whether their publishing partners are participating in the MCM beta program. If they aren’t, there may be a reason for concern. 

If your publishing partner doesn’t make a timely transition to MCM, you may lose monetization when the switch goes live. To prevent that from happening, we suggest you communicate with your publishing partner and find out when they’re making the switch. If they haven’t gotten into the MCM beta yet, you may have to look for another partner.

Brid.TV Partners With Google and Joins Its MCM Program

We are proud to announce that Brid.TV received an invitation from Google to join the MCM program with the goal of ensuring all our publishers receive complete transparency and high-end traffic quality. Brid.TV prides itself on sharing Google’s publisher-first mentality and strives to deliver the best possible experience to all our partners. 

Learn more about how Brid.TV is adopting the new MCM program here.