How Can Video Help Your B2B Efforts?
February 1, 2017
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March 28, 2017

Give Your Content More Attention With Video

Wouldn’t it be great if you could boost the results of campaigns you’ve already invested in, instead of having to start from ground zero all over again? Of course it would. Good thing video can help you do just that. From using video CTAs to guide prospects towards the next step in their content journey, to leveraging video analytics to improve performance mid-campaign. Video is a compelling way to engage your audience, build trust, show products and services, and generate leads, within seconds.

If you ain’t got the viewers attention in first couple of seconds, you can kiss your profit goodbye. Click To Tweet
According to Visible Measures, here’s what we know about how much people are willing to watch videos and for how long:

  • 20 % of online video viewers click away from a video in the first 10 seconds
  • 33% move on at 30 seconds
  • 60% are long gone if you hit the 2 minute mark.

What this tells us is that not only is video content more important than ever, but content creators now have to provide quality, attention-grabbing videos because people are already snoozing even at 30 seconds. When people play a video it needs to appeal to them straight away. In the past few years, companies are getting into video content marketing and each business endeavor depends strongly on consumer attention. To put it as simply as possible, if you ain’t got the viewers attention, you can kiss your profit goodbye.

Engagement and SEO

The second thing you’ll gain from good quality video content is improved video SEO. The latest data gathered by Comscore indicates that if including a video to your web site dramatically increases the chance of front page Google result by 53 times. As you match forward to achieve success in your latest business endeavor, having decent user engagement should be one of your primary goals. For one thing, in order to generate views, you’re gonna have to pay attention to when you schedule your posts on social networks. Timing is everything and scheduling posts to deliver them at a specific time to audiences is guaranteed to earn you more embeds, shares, likes, RTs etc. People are also more likely to post comments on your posts as well, if you stick with a particular schedule.

Having A Video Strategy in Place

Before you have a strategy for your video content in place, you’re gonna have to optimize your videos and you’ll be able to pull that off by monitoring video activities. In other words, keep an eye on drop-off points in videos and the number of views. Furthermore, you won’t get far without measuring CTRs (click-through rates). Once you get the insight into all those crucial stats, you’ll get a clear picture of user engagement and that brings you one step closer to forming your ideal video marketing strategy. So why is a strategy important? Well, for starters, it has been forecast that during the year 2017 74% of all Internet traffic will be video. As far as specific strategies go, take a look at what Facebook has done with its inclusion of auto-play, totaling annihilating stats and user interactions from, say, photos and status updates – seriously there’s no comparison between written content and how much reach is gathered from videos that pop up into users’ news-feeds.

Hit the Right Emotional Tone

Nowadays, when you’re striving to make an impact on the B2B market you are advised to steer towards top-quality content, but more importantly, your content has to resonate with audiences. Connecting with audiences is what’s most important these days. The quicker you connect, the more likely you’ll see your business thriving. Utilizing videos to establish a powerful emotional connection with viewers is the right way to go about it. This is how you’ll influence consumer decision-making. When people see a likeable face, they’ll immediately get attached to it and will gladly return for more. Also, voice is important as well as facial expressions. Video post production such as editing and sound quality, and of course the music, are also essentials that will lead you to awesome video content.


Video is currently the most sought-after content, but should also be construed as your primary tool for getting attention from customers. Just bear in mind that more than ⅓ of major companies dish out approximately 100 marketing videos per year. To cut a long story short, video converts a lot more customers than other types of marketing content. According to the latest research data, 71% of marketers claim video conversion rates show immensely better performance when compared to other marketing content. Having a nimble, fast-paced, competitive video player that is able to deliver, manage and monetize those videos seamlessly, instantly and on every screen, like BridTV does, sets you one step ahead of your competition.