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Content Marketing Tips for Small Businesses
June 19, 2015
Do’s and Don’ts of Using Video in Your Content Marketing Plan
July 6, 2015

Get Your Share Of Mobile Video With

Mobile online video viewing is increasing – Ooyala found mobile video consumption has jumped 100 percent year-over-year between the Q1 2014 and the first quarter of 2015. Ooyala forecasts for mobile video’s share to cross 50% growth by Q3 ’15. Therefore, it’s become imperative that organizations enable the anytime-anywhere delivery of video content across all handheld devices. Since video sharing is growing in popularity, and more and more mobile users are and will spend time-consuming videos on their mobile devices, social media marketers need to start putting mobile video at the top of their web video production when creating successful social media campaign strategies for their clients.

Ooyala forecasts for mobile video’s share to cross 50% growth by Q3 ’15. Therefore, it’s become imperative that organizations enable the anytime-anywhere delivery of video content across all handheld devices. Click To Tweet

The state of mobile video on Facebook

Currently, more than 50% of Facebook users are mobile.This social platform reached a daily 4 billion video views by the end of Q1 2015, becoming YouTube’s number one competitor, show the newest Clickz stats. As Facebook’s revenue for Q1 of 2015 was $3.54 billion, (which is a 42 percent increase compared to Q1 of 2014), and due to the increased influx of uploaded video content, social media marketers should consider adopting their video inventory to the need for small video files and modify the framework of their platform to enable large amounts of video content to be uploaded.

The state of mobile video on Twitter

The latest Twitter report shows 90% of Twitter videos are being watched on a tablet or smartphone, and around 70% of Twitter users watch videos found in their feed. Twitter state’s that native video can drive 2.5X more as many replies and 3X as many retweets than any third-party video shared on this social network service. According to this report, 50% of users spend their time on Twitter watching sports clips and TV shows while 64% watch breaking news. Since the start of 2015, Twitter has demonstrated that it is a platform that adapts to the needs of its users and is aware of mobile video domination. The latest Twitter update enables all native videos, Vines, Vines and GIFs to play back automatically when they appear in a user’s Twitter feed so that users no longer have to tap videos or animated media for them to play.

Mobile video ad spend is expected to climb to $2.62 billion in the US

According to a new eMarketer’s research paper, mobile video ad spend in the US is expected to climb to $2.62 billion in 2015, which represents more than 1/3 of the total figure ( $7.7 billion) advertisers are expected to spend on digital video ads this year. EMarketer stats show more than 105 million US smartphone users will watch a video on a mobile device at least once a month, which represents a 13,9% increase compared to 2014. Mobile video effects shoppers while making a purchase. NinthDecimal’s report shows 54 percent of consumers in 2014 shopped on a mobile device over a PC before making a purchase. NinthDecimal found that the share of mobile commerce purchases grew at the expense of in-store buying.

Brid your mobile video

Since the mobile video is making a boom in the video advertising department, why not give a try and share your mobile video on Facebook and Twitter. When it comes to promoting your company or service with mobile video content on Twitter, BridTv online video player now enables you to embed your videos in a tweet via Twitter Player Cards and TWEET your video.
Our Brid Team has added support for In-wall Facebook video player display as well. With the help of our Brid.Tv player and our Brid.Tv improvements you can easily embed videos on your website and monetize your video content by loading pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll ads, and overlays. With HTML5 and Flash player run through our platform you’ll get a player for any mobile device and your fans can consume your video content on any device anywhere. Users have an even wider support for iPhone, iPad, and Android. Videos can now also autoplay on both iPad and iPhone if publishers desire to set this up.

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